If you want to be a bodybuilder in the WNBF of the Philippines get ready for some strict rules! Not only will you take drug tests but even a polygraph(Lie Detector) test! Mess up and be banned for 7 years!

'All natural' bodybuilding federation holds strict drug-free competitions

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WNBF-Philippines vice-president Chris Byrne

A BODYBUILDING competition free from performance enhancing drugs?

The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) of the Philippines believes it can be done and accordingly, is at the forefront of advocating a platform for a drug-free athlete through its nationwide series of tournaments.

The second stop of the series will be held at the Johnny B. Good restaurant in Makati on Oct. 27 with WNBF-Philippine vice-president Chris Byrne hoping to attract double the number of participants that competed in the inaugural leg held in June.

The competition endorses an ‘all natural’ method for bodybuilders without the benefit of banned substances.

“There are so many natural athletes here (in the Philippines) and there wasn’t a real good platform for them to perform and show off all their hard work, like natural athletes really have to work extra hard to get where they want to be,” stressed Byrne.

“Sometimes it confuses me on why would anybody use banned substances or performance enhancing drugs when all they really need to do is be consistent and eat well and they have amazing result just as if they were to use.”

The federation adheres to the same list of banned substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

A total of 21 bodybuilders from China and Taiwan, including 13 Filipinos joined the inaugural competition that saw Trinity Talloc-Dickpus from the Philippine National Police emerging as the gold winner in the heavyweight bodybuilding.

“Hopefully the next time we’ll get more,” added Byrne.

All participants are required to pass a polygraph test before they are allowed to even step on the stage. All overall winners are required to undergo urine test, while the organization also holds random tests. Any athlete who fails the polygraph exam or the urine test will be banned from the federation for seven years.

“Like the Olympics, we’re offering a level-playing field for these athletes.”

On tap are categories in bodybuilding, physique and bikini and are open to athletes 18-years-old and above, who have not taken performance-enhancing drugs the past seven years.

Already being lined up for next year are competitions in Batangas, Cebu and Davao.

For additional information, visit the federation website at wnbfph.com.

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