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    The Menace of Trillanes

    Just recently Trillanes has been issued an arrest order but bailable by an RTC in Makati. This has been the latest in Trillanes' political life/drama which seems to be a never ending one. This guy started out as a navy man and got involved in rebellion and now almostmore than a decade after his rebellion case seems to be rebelling again against the present Du30 administration. We ask, what is really the motive of this guy? Is he for real or is he a puppet of some other bigger forces like the Liberal party or the CIA?

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    Re: The Menace of Trillanes

    Trillanes is like a real-life troll, an attack dog of the liberal party - "Sundalong Kanin." He never once got in favor of the current administration and all he does is make a snide comment over here, a sarcastic remark over there. As if he has done something significant for the country. All he does is complain. IMHO, he deserves the bullying he is experiencing right now from the administration. Whether its constitutional or not, I don't care.



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