UFC is still admittedly the premiere league in mixed martial arts but its credibility and reputation is being threatened by many problems. Aside from the recent issue with UFC lightweight champion Khabib's actuations right after the fight, there was also the issue of bad judging. From time to time when a UFC fight results in a decision, there is always that doubt not only in the eyes of the fighter but also from the audience. When Robert Whittaker was given a winning decision in the rematch with Yoel Romero, the Cuban said that the win was stolen from him and I agree to that. Another issue with UFC is the injuries. When Khabib was to fight for the championship, Tony Fergusson had suffered an injury that he had to be replaced by Al Iaquinta who lost by decision to Khabib. Some other fighters have their injury problem like Max Holloway.

I think that UFC is hexed.