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Thread: Ronnie

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    Anyone watched this? I found it almost heartbreaking to see Big Ron in that state... even though he deals with it all very well.

    While his peers, for the biggest part do seem to pay him due respect, I did find my eyes rolling a bit at the subtle implication that Ronnie's health was the logical outcome of what he did to become Mr O, and that the difference between Ronnie and them is that they simply "chose" not to do the things Ronnie did, Bull****, If they had the cards Ronnie was dealt, his genetics and his capacity to train, they too would have milked it as hard as they could, you can't tell me that, at that level they weren't pushing their own envelopes as hard as they could, and that they were holding back to preserve their long term health? To be fair, Jay Cutler did come right out and say he simply couldn't do what Ronnie did, but he also used phrases like "training smarter"... suggesting that there was some kind of conscious decision not to Squat 800lbs, rather than the fact that he just could do it.

    Great viewing though, I think Ronnie is the most Humble and likeable Mr O, I really hope he makes a decent recovery that gives him a good quality of life

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    Re: Ronnie

    I think he's much better now.



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