I used to hate having bigger lips than all the other kids in school...

I used to hate that my nose was standout feature on my face...

I used to hate that I had chubby cheeks when I smile...

Most people donít know this but the truth is, I hated A LOT of things about my body.

You might think Iím talking crap here but you donít see what I saw.

I had to look at myself every single day and deal with these insecurities.

Insecurities that stemmed from passing comments in school to then comparing myself to others.

The more I looked at the things I didnít like about myself, the more things I saw wrong.

I would become so critical to the point that I would go to bed and wish my lips were smaller when I woke up and even contemplated nose surgery when I was older enough.

Nobody knew about these thoughts except me.

I held onto these insecurities for years and became very self conscious about taking pictures; worried about how my features looked from different angles - avoiding any that accentuated them.

Again, you might think Iím crazy but this is EXACTLY how you sound when you talk about yourself too.

Constantly focusing on the things you donít like, giving no appreciation for things you do actually like.

Becoming your own worst critic and remaining unhappy.

What changed for me? How did I come to accept my perceived ďflawsĒ?

I had nose, cheek and lip surgery and I was sorted... lol (JOKE)

I started by showing appreciation for the things I like about my body.

By focusing my energy on the things I was proud of.

Little things like, my chest was changing shape and improving, or a new bit of muscle definition I started to see in my arms, or the natural shape of my head.

They might sound silly, weird or minor but they do more than youíll ever imagine for your self esteem and self image.

I started by appreciating the things I liked until I eventually saw past my perceived imperfections and appreciated them for what they are.

I understood that the things I didnít like were the things that made me, me.

They added character and made me unique.

I became comfortable with the fact that I was made this way so I better learn to love what I see or Iíll stay miserable and unhappy forever.

Now I wake up, take a good look at myself from head to toe and say ďdamn, you look great cc!Ē

I tell myself it so much that I now believe that I look great regardless of what other people say or think... NOTHING affects my self esteem, not even my past beliefs.

You have a choice... Choose to love your body and your body will love you back.

Donít try to fix the symptom, cure the problem... CHANGE YOUR MIND 🔥