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    Muslims can't be bodybuilders in Israel?

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    I just read the following article which is reporting that Ibrahim Masri fired from a mosque for taking part in a bodybuilding competition! Really? In this day and age I cannot believe something like this could happen especially in Israel.

    Israeli Muezzin Muscled Out of Mosque Over Bodybuilding Contest Outfit – Reports

    The 46-year-old bodybuilder muezzin has been lifting weights since he was young and has never thought that sports are incompatible with his religious role.

    Ibrahim Masri, a member of Israel’s Arab minority, was fired as chief muezzin of the El-Jazzar mosque in the northern Israeli city of Acre after taking part in a bodybuilding contest, AFP reported.

    The Israeli Interior Ministry decided that his participation in the 2017 competition contradicted his religion. According to a ministry spokesman, Masri was sacked over his inappropriate attire – bodybuilders typically wear brief trunks during contests.

    “This is an unjust decision. The religion of Islam encourages any individual to practice sport. They showed me the pictures of me participating in the competition, and they considered it was not appropriate for a muezzin to practice this sport”, the 46-year-old athlete, who won the 2017 championships in his category, told AFP.

    He even sent a letter to the Interior Ministry with an apology and a promise not to participate in any other competitions.

    “They knew I was involved in this sport before I was hired”, said Masri, who has filed an appeal, which is expected to be heard next month.

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    Re: Muslims can't be bodybuilders in Israel?

    My guess is that there are modesty laws in Islam for both the men and women. Most people only think of the modesty laws for women since they're so overwhelming.

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    Re: Muslims can't be bodybuilders in Israel?

    It is sad to know that his religion destroy his dream because it is culturally inappropriate. Well, it is understandable the members of a certain religion needs to practice their beliefs or faith and they represents their community they are in. People with authority cannot tolerate their members who misrepresents their religion or disrespect the rules so they shun them before inspiring others to follow their footsteps. But hopefully, that bodybuilder will continue doing what he loves and prove that he can have a good life without being part of a particular religion.



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