Last few days have been very sore In one spot where there is an incision. Think ive been over doing it a bit. Although i feel like this is moving much slower than i originally anticipated. It hasnt been 5 weeks from surgery. Been going to therapy for about 2-3weeks total. and im doing great according to my therapist. Range of motion is well beyond what they would have expected. She did some added massage therapy.. Upper pec into the front head of the shoulder and down the bicep. Seemed to help but this swelling doesnt seem to want to subside at all. Just finished off 25minutes on the treadmill. Once earlier today for about 30minutes.
Im finally back to being able to breathe properly.
Tonight day 13 bpc157 only
Nails seem to grow much thicker and faster. As does my hair. Skin is feeling a little smoother. Wish there was something to do about this swelling.
Use of arm is still pretty much nothing.
I have therapy tomorrow. One week til i see my surgeon and see what the new plan will be or if nothing will change.
Feel like im going crazy. Having to rely on everyone and wait for someone to help with almost everythings plays with your head. Im getting bloodwork done this week.
Let see where my levels are at.
Ill be around now that im up and (not sick)feeling more like myself.
If ive never said this before. I hate prednisone!! The side effects are horrible. Avoid it if possible..
10:30 therapy. Update soon.