Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

We'd like to hear the things that really make you question the rationing that went into someone's thinking.

e.g. I was at the gym and talking with one of the guys about OTC fat burners. We were talking specifically about yohimbine. As soon as we were done talking, another guy walks up and says "I couldn't help but hear you say the word thermogenic." So I reply yes I did, and went on to explain to the conversation burglar what my protocol is for Yohimbine. He leaves and I proceed to finish my sets and move on to the next. As I'm finishing up he comes over and asks if I have a minute for a "consultation?"
I'm completely intrigued and ask what he means, he says he brews his own green tea and wants to know if I will take a look at it and see if I think its concentrated enough to be thermogenic....
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Anyway, what makes you say hmmm.
Something at the gym, at work, or anywhere else.

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