Here is the list for 2019 WNBF Events from

April 20 WNBF Pro Physique Grand Prix INBF Natural USA-NY
April 20 Washington State Puget Sound Pro/Am WA
April 27 INBF Victory Natural Championships WA
April 27 INBF Jersey Cup Classic NJ
April 27 INBF Wisconsin Natural Championships- WI
May 5 INBF Empire State Cup Sunday Event Utica, NY
May 6 INTL WNBF Israel Championships
May 11 & 12 INTL WNBF Armenia Urasia Open International Championships
May 18 INBF Novice Northeast Classic MA
May 25 INTL WNBF Korea Natural Championships
June 1 INBF Tulsa Naturals OK
June 1 INBF Northeast Classic + WNBF Pro American MA
June 8 INBF Natural Columbia Classic & WNBF Invitational WA
June 8 INBF Mr. and Mrs. Natural Connecticut CT
June 15 INBF South Shore Natural MA
June 22 Hercules Pro/Am NY
June 29 INBF Hollywood Super Natural CA
July 6 INBF River City Classic CA
July 13 INBF Gunz Natural Classic Louisiana
July 20 INBF WNBF Natural Muscle Mayhem Pro/Am CA
July 27 INBF Cecil Phillips Classic OR
July 27 INBF Natural Yankee Classic MA
August 3 INBF Northwoods Classic ME
August 3 The INBF OKC OK
August 3 WNBF INBF Tri-State Championships Pro/Am OH
August 9 + 10 INBF Augusta Grand Prix + WNBF Pro Extravaganza GA
August 10 WNBF & INBF Max Hype Super Natural Pro/Am FL
August 10 INBF So Cal Uproar San Diego, CA
August 17 Natural Central Valley Championships CA
August 24 INBF Northwest Royal Natural Championships WA
Sept 1 INTL NBFI Irish National Championships
September 7 Washington State Olympic Championships
September 7 INTL WNBF Singapore International Open
September 14 INBF Long Island Classic NY
September 21 INBF Diamond Figure & Bikini Championships
September 22 INTL DFNA Open Danish Champ Denmark
September 28 INBF Naturalmania WNBF Universe-NY
September 28 INBF Southern Natural GA
October INTL WNBF Philippines Manila
October 5 INBF Phoenician Classic AZ
October 5 INBF Carolina Natural PC NC
October 12 INBF Natural Autumn Explosion + WNBF US Pro Cup CT
October 12 INBF Battle of the Bay CA
October 12 & 13 INTL WNBF Italy Open International Championships Bologna, Italy
October 19 INTL WNBF Pro Intercontinental Canada
October 20 INTL WNBF Pro International and UK Championships England
October 20 INTL WNBF Germany International Open Championships Munich
October 20 INTL WNBF Mexico Natural Cup Mexico City
October 26 INTL WNBF Open Amateur International Spanish Championships Spain
October 26 INTL WNBF Swiss Pro Cup Open International Amateur Championships
October 27 INBF Granite State Open NH
November INBF Marne Classic Georgia
November 2 & 3 INBF Monster Mash + WNBF Pro Monster Mash + Pro Masters MA
November 3 INBF Central USA OK
November 15 & 16 Amateur & Pro World Championships New York

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