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Thread: Biceps

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    Want big biceps?

    In the gym guys love a curl, me too, we agree on that one

    BUT, and I swear guys know this, guys are rarely training the biceps properly....

    1. People are swinging weights around through ego, often lifting far beyond what they could with good form

    2. People are letting the shoulder drop forward so the elbow only actually goes through 90 degrees of movement as the shoulder is doing 1/2 the movement instead of the arm

    3. People are focused too much on the squeeze, the top part of the curl, and not fully straightening the arm

    If you want BIG full biceps train them in different ways but always, where possible, train them in full range

    Thats elbow straight to elbow fully flexed, not 1/2 way, not somewhere about straight, 0 degree to 180 degrees

    Here’s a test for you, get someone to film your biceps curl set when you’re doing some

    See what you actually do....?

    Does your arm go through 180 degrees of range, from fully straight to fully flexed?

    I bet not, for me watching guys in the gym 15-25% curl with full range, so most are missing out on a lot of stimulus

    Less ego chaps.

    More gainz.

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    Re: Biceps

    You are correct... leave the ego at the door. for all of your gear needs and more!!!



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