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    2019 Pittsburgh Pro

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    Jim Manian's 2019 Pittsburgh Pro Championships
    May 3 and 4, 2019

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    More Pittsburg Pro Updates coming

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    re: 2019 Pittsburgh Pro

    2019 Pittsburgh Pro Final Results

    2019 Pittsburgh Pro Classic Physique Results
    1. Alex Cambronero
    2. Marvin Cornejo
    3. Jonathan Hambrick
    4. Caio Fernando Bonfim
    5. Kwame Adom
    6. Roy Evans
    7. Casey Fathi
    8. Ulisses De Andrade
    9. Marino Peralta
    10. Sharif Reid
    11. Hallart Keaton
    12. Joseph Russo
    13. Milton Holloway

    2019 Pittsburgh Pro Menís Physique Results
    1. Raymont Edmonds
    2. Kyron Holden
    3. Yasser Blandon
    4. Brian Llyod
    5. Khali Quartey
    6. Geobanny Paula
    7. Stevelon Dennis
    8. Matthew Mugford
    9. Michael Anderson
    10. Thomas Kunz
    11. Kenneth Jones
    12. Lindon Bond
    13. Jeph Gabriel
    14. Ryan Storer
    15. Sean Carroll
    16. Aaron Harvey
    17. Alp Yurteri
    17. Alvin Taylor
    17. Anthony Scalza
    17. Don Bankston
    17. Emile Walker
    17. Gokhan Eskin
    17. James Youngblood
    17. Michael Otule
    17. Napoleon Amos
    17. Neal Cash
    17. Robert Arthur

    2019 Pittsburgh Pro Figure Results
    1. Natalie Soltero
    2. Sandra Grajales
    3. Queren Pacheco
    4. Audrieanna Fortune
    5. Chelsea Larson
    6. Julia Waring
    7. Ashley Howells
    8. Autumn Cleveland
    9. Ronshende Whittington
    10. Ashley Wiens
    11. Maude Exantus
    12. Dora Rodrigues
    13. Jennifer Freeman
    14. Ashley Roberson
    15. Jennifer Bertsch
    16. Sophia Sammee
    17. Alexis Sullivan
    17. Ashley Sparks
    17. Donya Jackson
    17. Latoyia Farley
    17. Sara Lavenka
    17. ShíNere Mattise Deas

    - - - Updated - - -

    2019 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Final Results

    1. Priscila Leimbacher
    2. Marcia Goncalves
    3. Jennifer Dorie
    4. Mariella Pellegrino
    5. Ashley Nicastro
    6. Eli Fernandez
    7. Jessica Palmer
    8. Alexandria Ross
    9. Lauren Dannenmiller
    10. Calysta Upperman
    11. Hannah Ranfranz
    12. Jasmine Fernandez
    13. Cristobalilna Pajares
    14. Celeste Shaffer
    15. Jessica Dolias
    16. Jasmine Gonzalez
    17. Amanda Aguzzi
    17. Angela Kegler
    17. Bethany Bartlett
    17. Cassandra Murphy
    17. Eveline Szala
    17. Haneul Seong
    17. Kristen Markowski
    17. Lorena Spitzer
    17. Natalie Richards
    17. Romina Basualdo
    17. Sarah Eldon
    17. Sarah Devore
    17. Skylar Lanier
    17. Stephanie Mahoe
    17. Victoria Harbus

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    Re: 2019 Pittsburgh Pro

    Here is Shawn Rhoden on his condition at the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro Guest Posing.
    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening now that I have your attention letís get real for a min. My name is Shawn Rhoden most of you call me Flexatron and I am human just like you. Just like you i put my pants on one leg at a time. Iíve been skinny and yes I do get fat in the offseason. (See pictures above) Iíve never hide who I am, where Iím from and I what I do. So for you guys looking to get more like or views on your page here you go. Every year I try to add balance to my life after the Olympia and try to normal, give my body a break and live a little. But come September I always show up ready to compete with the best of the best in this sport and hold my own. So until you are able to walk a mile in my shoes and accomplish what I have done in the 10yrs Iíve been a IFBB PRO, continue to do what you do and sit behind your keyboard and write about me and or any other pro. We all canít walk around with a 6 pack 24 /7 but come show time we show up. So to all my fellow pro out there continue to live a little and donít be afraid to enjoy your offseason. And for YOU yes you continue to make your post if it make you feel better. See you in SEPTEMBER and judge me there also.
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    Cut the guy some slack! He is the champ right now!

    The musclemecca bodybuilding news guy



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