A certain herb in the Andes mountains
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    A certain herb in the Andes mountains

    I have seen a documentary in a cable channel about a documentarist that explored the Andes. There was a part where he and his guides were under a tree. He was offered a leaf to chew and let it stay inside his mouth. That will give him the stamina in ascending the slopes of the mountains. I was not able to catch the name of the plant but it was not coca. The documentarist said that some athletes use that leaf because it leaves no trace. Now I wonder if that leaf is being used by athletes in the Olympics.

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    Re: A certain herb in the Andes mountains

    I have a friend who also chew leaves for stamina and other purposes especially for health. He would just pick it from his plants and chew it directly to his mouth. He said that it gives him extra ordinary strength. He said that he was struggling with high blood pressure before but after he discovered this herb his health greatly improved.



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