Astronauts on Steroids are the Future for NASA
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    Re: Astronauts on Steroids are the Future for NASA

    Astronauts on Steroids are the Future for NASA

    Astronauts may be required to go on a cycle of anabolic steroids to build extra muscle prior to space travel.
    Anabolic steroids may be demonized for giving competitive athletes an “unfair” advantage but they may soon be glorified as one of the best tools to combat muscle loss in astronauts. And steroids won’t just be limited to NASA-trained astronauts. Civilian space travelers could also be given steroids before departure.
    Researchers affiliated with The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston have suggested that pharmaceutical strategies such as anabolic steroids and other hormonal interventions could very well be the best way to minimize muscle atrophy in zero gravity conditions.

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    Re: Astronauts on Steroids are the Future for NASA

    Going to space where there is no gravity makes astronauts go weightless and as days go by their bones get weaker and muscles lose mass because there is no force of gravity that pulls them down to the ground. So NASA brilliantly considers steroids as a solution to those physiological changes. They will be given steroids before departing to the space to reduce the possibility of acquiring muscle atrophy in a zero-gravity environment.



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