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Tahoe Show 2019
Montbleu Casino, Resort, & Spa

Friday, August 16, 2019
4:30 PM Registration and weigh/height-in for Menís Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Womenís and Menís Physique. Located in the Montbleu Showroom.
6:15 PM All Competitor MANDATORY meeting
6:30 PM Registration and height-in for Bikini, Figure. Located in the Montbleu Showroom.
Saturday, August 17, 2019
9:00 AM Doors open to public for Pre-Judging for all NPC Divisions at the Montbleu Showroom
9:30 AM Pre-Judging
4:30 PM Doors open for finals at the Montbleu Showroom
5:30 PM Finals for all NPC Divisions. ***OPEN Overall winners, please report to the Lake Side Photo Shoot at Zephyr Cove on Sunday at 11 AM.
10:30 PM After-party at Opal Ultra Lounge. Complimentary entry for competitors.
Sunday, August 18, 2019
7:00 Ė 11:00 AM Complementary Competitor Brunch. Be sure to get your voucher at check-in
11:00 AM Overall winner photo shoot at Zephyr Cove located at 760 US-50, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448. When parking, go to the far right to the end. The shoot takes place at the rocks on the far right when looking at the lake.
8:00 Ė 7:00 PM Competitor photo shoots all day. Get info for signing up by clicking here.
Same for Pre-Judging & Finals
Figure Mastersí 45+
Figure Mastersí 35+
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure Overall
Figure Masterís Classic 45+
Figure Masterís Classic 35+
Classic Physique Teen
Classic Physique True Novice
Classic Physique Masterís 45+
Classic Physique Masterís 35+
Classic Physique A
Classic Physique B
Classic Physique C
Classic Physique D
Classic Physique Overall
Womenís Physique A
Womenís Physique B
Womenís Physique Overall
Master Menís Bodybuilding Over 60
Master Menís Bodybuilding over 50
Master Menís Bodybuilding Over 40
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Light Weight
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Middle Weight
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Heavy Weight
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Overall
Menís Open Bodybuilding Bantam
Menís Open Bodybuilding Lightweight
Menís Open Bodybuilding Middle
Menís Open Bodybuilding Light Heavy
Menís Open Bodybuilding Heavy
Menís Open Bodybuilding Super Heavy
Menís Open Bodybuilding Overall
Menís Physique Teen
Menís Physique MastersĎ 45+
Menís Physique MastersĎ 35+
Menís Physique True Novice
Menís Physique Novice A
Menís Physique Novice B
Menís Physique Novice C
Menís Physique Novice Overall
Menís Physique A
Menís Physique B
Menís Physique C
Menís Physique D
Menís Physique E
Menís Physique F
Menís Physique Overall
Teen Bikini
True Novice
Bikini True Novice
Bikini Novice (A)
Bikini Novice (B)
Bikini Novice (C)
Bikini Novice (D)
Bikini Novice Overall
Bikini Mastersí 35+ (A)
Bikini Mastersí 35+ (B)
Bikini Mastersí 35+ (C)
Bikini Mastersí 45+
Masterís Bikini Overall
Bikini A
Bikini B
Bikini C
Bikini D
Bikini E
Bikini F
Bikini Overall

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