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2019 Dexter Jackson Classic Florida
July 27, 2019
Jacksonville, Florida

Friday, July 27, 2018
5:00 PM Registration and weigh/height-in for Menís Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Womenís Physique * Fitness. Located at the UNF Lazzara Hall
6:15 PM All Competitor MANDATORY meeting. Located at the UNF Lazzara Performance Hall
6:45 PM Registration and height-in for Bikini, Figure and Menís Physique. Located at the UNF Lazzara Performance Hall
Saturday, July 28, 2018
9:00 AM Doors open to the public for Pre-Judging for all NPC Divisions at the UNF Lazzara Performance Hall
10:00 AM Pre-Judging
5:00 PM Doors open for finals at the UNF Lazzara Performance Hall
6:00 PM Finals for all NPC Divisions. ***OPEN Overall winners, please stay to the end for a group photo with Dexter Jackson
10:00 PM After party-TBA

Order of Classes
Same for Pre-Judging & Finals
Hero Figure
Figure Masters 35+
Figure Open A
Figure Open B
Figure Open C
Figure Open D
Hero Classic Physique
Classic Physique Teenage Classic
Classic Physique Teen (One class)
Classic Physique Masterís 35+ (One Class)
Classic Physique Masters 45+ (One Class)
Classic Physique True Novice
Classic Physique A
Classic Physique B
Classic Physique C
Classic Physique D
Womenís Physique Class A
Womenís Physique Class B
Hero Bodybuilding
Wheelchair Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding Masterís Menís 35+ (One Class)
Bodybuilding Masterís Menís 40+ (One Class)
Bodybuilding Masterís Menís 50+ (One Class)
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Light
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Middle
Novice Menís Bodybuilding Heavy
Menís Bodybuilding Open Light
Menís Bodybuilding Open Middle
Menís Bodybuilding Open Light-Heavy
Menís Bodybuilding Open Heavy
Menís Bodybuilding Open Super-Heavy
Hero Menís Physique
Menís Physique Masterís 35+ (One Class)
Menís Physique Masterís 40+ (One Class)
Menís Physique Masterís 50+ (One Class)
Menís Physique Masterís 60+ (One Class)
Menís Physique True Novice
Menís Physique Novice Class A
Menís Physique Novice Class B
Menís Physique Open Class A
Menís Physique Open Class B
Menís Physique Open Class C
Menís Physique Open Class D
Hero Bikini
Bikini Teen
Bikini Masters 35+ (One Class)
Bikini Masters 45+ (One Class)
Bikini True Novice (One Class)
Bikini Novice Class A
Bikini Novice Class B
Bikini Novice Class C
Bikini Open Class A
Bikini Open Class B
Bikini Open Class C
Bikini Open Class D

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