Military Just Figured Out “Steroids” Were Being Sold at U.S Air Force Bases
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    Re: Military Just Figured Out “Steroids” Were Being Sold at U.S Air Force Bases

    News by Henry C. Bullis

    Military Investigators Just Figured Out “Steroids” Were Being Sold at U.S Air Force Bases

    Military personnel were buying steroidal prohormones from the on-site supplement store at a United States Air Force installation in Georgia.
    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) recently conducted a health and wellness inspection at the Moody Air Force Base in December 2018. Inspectors were shocked to learn that at least two products sold in the supplement store actually contained steroids.
    Tthe Air Force Office of Special Investigations conducted a full investigation into the matter and submitted the products for laboratory analysis. The findings were shared by the Army Criminal Investigation Command in a bulletin (CID alert) titled “Supplements Sold at AAFES Exchanges May Contain Steroids” on July 3, 2019.
    AAFES spokesperson Chris Ward subsequently announced the removal of the products from concessionaire shelves.

    “If a product is determined to be unsuitable as to quality, value or other appropriate criteria by medical authorities, AAFES and its concessionaires take immediate action to remove it from shelves,” Ward said.

    Muscle Warfare Trenatestin and Alpha Shredded contain prohibited steroidal prohormones.

    The two products in question were Muscle Warfare “Trenatestin” and Muscle Warfare “Alpha Shredded”. Both “supplements” contained steroidal metabolites of DHEA. The Trenatestin ingredients included 19-NorDHEA. Alpha Shredded contained epiandrosterone (epi-andro) as the active ingredient.
    5 Star Nutrition was ordered to immediately remove its inventory of Anabolic Warfare Trenatestin and Alpha Shredded from all military installations. 5 Star Nutrition sells supplements at seven Army and Air Force bases.
    The affected 5 Star Nutrition locations include Fort Hood (Texas), Fort Bliss (Texas), Joint Base San Antonio (Texas), Fort Riley (Kansas), Little Rock AFB (Arkansas), Whiteman AFB (Missouri) and Moody AFB (Georgia).

    “Soldiers may find a false sense of security when purchasing performance enhancing supplements from a legitimate and reputable business, even a business located at an AAFES Exchange,” the CID alert warned.

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