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    Re: “Beastmasters Labs” Busted in Australia

    The Australian underground laboratory was run and operated by a local actor and stuntman.
    David Blazejko, an Australian actor and stuntman who appeared in low-budget action films such as “Sky Hunter” and “English Dogs”, has been arrested and charged with manufacturing and distributing anabolic steroids. Blazejko o was the owner and operator of the Australian domestic underground laboratory (UGL) known as “Beastmasters”.
    Blazejko was arrested in the suburban town of Woodcroft outside of Sydney on July 24, 2019. Blazejko apparently manufactured Beastmasters in an unsanitary space in his kitchen. The steroid manufacturing equipment included moldy scales and was set up alongside dirty dishes and half-empty bottles of vodka.

    The beginning of the end for Beastmasters was the interception of steroid manufacturing equipment and raw materials by customs.

    Blazejko’s arrest came following the execution of a search warrant by the NSW Police Force, Blacktown Police Area Command and the North West Metropolitan region Operational Support Group.
    The initial investigation began after the Australian Border Force (ABF) intercepted a suspicious package arriving in Sydney from China on October 8, 2018. The package contained a vacuum filtration system.
    The vacuum filtration system may not have automatically tipped off police to a potential steroid manufacturing operation. But that was not the only item in the package. Unfortunately, the package also contained branded sticker labels for Beastmasters Sustanon, Winstrol, Testosterone Suspension, Deca and Clenbuterol. Oops.
    The NSW Police and Blacktown Police launched an investigation codenamed Strike Force Hyndman after the interception of the vaccum filtration system and Beastmasters labels last year.
    On June 7, 2019, ABF officers intercepted another package addressed to Blazejko that contained a manual capsule filling and joining machine. Two days later, a package containing one kilogram of raw steroid powder was also intercepted. This was more than enough evidence to obtain a search warrant.
    Blazejko was charged with the manufacture of a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug (anabolic steroids), the supply of a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug (anabolic steroids) and the possession of drug manufacturing apparatus to make prohibited drug.

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