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    Re: David Segui Speaks Out Against Hypocrisy of MLB Steroid Rules

    By Henry C. Bullis

    David Segui hates hypocrisy and there is no shortage of it when it comes to anabolic steroids in baseball.
    David Segui, a former Major League Baseball player whose 15-year career spanned from 1990 to 2004, never shied away from admitting his use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone after he was ratted out by his colleagues. But he’s fed up with the hypocrisy of those who choose to demonize him.
    The hypocrisy starts at the top of the baseball hierarchy with MLB rules that are more forgiving for those players who use recreational drugs like crack and heroin than those players who use substances to actually improve their performance.

    MLB protects the privacy of its heroin users but demonizes its steroid users.

    “You can smoke weed, crack, or shoot heroin and we’ll protect that guy and his right to privacy,’’ Segui told Bob Nightengale of USA Today, “but God forbid you take something to heal or benefit your body and become a better athlete or player. Then, they portray you as taking an evil substance.”

    Segui used prescription medicines to improve his performance and become a better athlete. Segui finds it ridiculous that people judge him to be a worse person than a baseball player who compromised his career with the use of addictive psychoactive street drugs.

    “I don’t smoke weed, smoke crack, shoot up heroin, or take any of the street drugs, but because I used steroids, I’m demonized.’’

    Segui had no regrets about using steroids when playing baseball. He had prescriptions for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) when he was an MLB player in the early 2000s. And he has continued to use TRT ever since then.
    The 53-year old Segui has been on TRT for well over 15 years and he’s never felt better. Testosterone gives him more energy, helps give him better results from working out and makes him feel better and healthier. Why should his choice to use it be demonized?
    Segui honestly does not care about people’s “moral” judgment of him. Baseball has never really been about morality. It is hypocritical for people to take the moral high ground when it comes to steroids while ignoring other morally-questionable behavior in the sport.

    “[W]hen I die, and they say at the pearly gates that the worst thing I did was take medicine to be stronger and faster and be a better ballplayer, I like my chances.”

    Segui has shown more integrity and moral character than most individuals swept up in the steroids in baseball era. When Jason Grimsley ratted him out for using hGH, Segui promptly admitted it. When Kirk Radomski ratted him out for using steroids during a federal investigation, Segui called the feds and confessed.
    Segui knew several other MLB players who were using steroids. However, when Segui was pressured to give up names of other steroid users, he adamantly refused. Segui has never ratted out anyone else.

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    Re: David Segui Speaks Out Against Hypocrisy of MLB Steroid Rules

    Well, honestly: weed, heroin, or crack, lol - doesn't effect playing directly. Well, I guess it can, but steroids is normally the most direct form of cheating! Anyhow, ideally, players shouldn't do drugs - but it's not mandatory for them to be religious, though. In fact, it would be normal to expect many players have vices - but considering their incomes to pay for them, those vices could be quite a problem!

    Possibly it's difficult for sports authorities to test for non-steroid drugs - because it infringes on the player's freedom too much. I mean, they might like drinking, for instance, to relax from their hard playing/training schedules.

    Oh, as another thought, my guess is that most drugs weaken a player's ability - and there's no crime in that, but, of course, steroids strengthen it - which, as mentioned, is cheating.



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