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    Re: 2019 IFBB Giovanni Classic

    Menís physique:
    1. Luis Anthony Del Rosario, Dominican Republic
    2. Hélder Marinho, Portugal
    3. Mendes Reynold Junior, Haiti
    4. Edgar Minaya, Dominican Republic
    5. Jean Luc Ganot Dr., Haiti
    Body fitness:
    1. Kristen McGregor, Jamaica
    2. Agnes Junqueira, Brazil
    3. Estefania Zapata, Aruba
    4. Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite, Antigua and Barbuda
    5. Patricia Correa, Colombia
    Bikini fitness:
    1. Ivanna Escandar Fernández, Spain
    2. Marilena Strati, Greece
    3. Esther Garcia Diaz, Spain
    4. Mayrobi De La Cruz, Puerto Rico
    5. Noemi Mercure, Canada
    Wellness fitness:
    1. Angela Borges, Brazil
    2. Elba Viola, Dominican Republic
    3. Deydania Rodriguez, Curacao
    4. Beatriz Vasquez, Mexico
    5. Karla Porte, Aruba
    1. Soepe Koese, Suriname
    2. Jimson L B Janga, Curacao
    3. Wendel Setropawiro, Suriname
    4. Lee Beatrice, Trinidad and Tobago
    5. Guido Carlo, Aruba



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