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    How bodybuilding saved me from depression

    When Andrea Corbett, 43, was in the grips of depression in 2015, she would wear an “I’m Fine” mask. This, she explains, was her way of hiding her illness from her friends and family.

    But behind closed doors, she was far from fine. Not only was she falling behind with her workload as head of Business and Computing in an inner city of London secondary school, she was also “drinking heavily” and becoming dependent on alcohol.

    “My glass of wine turned into a bottle of wine," she recalls. "And then, ‘Let me just walk to the corner shop to go and get another one'.”

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    Re: How bodybuilding saved me from depression

    Exercise has a lot of health benefits and also helps improve mood and reduce anxiety. But it does not mean being simply physically active is the solution to a complicated depression. It merely eases symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regular exercise releases feel-good endorphins and it boosts confidence whenever you meet your exercise goals or challenges. Getting in shape can also make you feel better about your appearance. So, try exercising it might help you cope with depression.



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