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    Lean mass cycle - SPECIAL PRICING

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    Euro-Pharmacies Products
    1-16 weeks 500mg Testosterone Cypionate
    1-16 weeks 600mg Boldenone Undecaonate (Equipoise)
    1-8 weeks 40mg Turanabol every day -
    1-16 weeks 20mg Aromasin 20mg every other day

    11-13 weeks 2500 iu HCG two times per week for example ( monday and Thursday)
    12-16 weeks 20mg Tamoxifen every day
    13-17 weeks clomid 1 week 100mg Every day / 2 week 100mg Every day/ 3 week 50mg Every day/ 4 week 50mg Every day

    4 vials Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml 10ml/vial
    4 vials Boldenone Undecaonate (Equipoise) 250mg/ml 10ml/vial
    5 bags Turanabol 10mg/tab, 50 tabs/bag
    1 bag Arimidex 1mg/tab, 50 tabs/bag
    1 bag Tamoxifen 20mg/tab, 50 tabs/bag
    1 bag Clomid 50mg/tab, 50 tabs/bag
    2 amps HCG 5000 iu/amp

    Users can expect to gain strength and muscular endurance while losing body fat and gaining a medium amount of lean body mass depending on diet and training. This cycle would normally be used to help the user change body composition by increasing lean body mass while losing body fat. Users would notice muscular size, muscular definition, and hardness of the muscles. The synergistic effect of the Equipoise and Turanabol is reported to give users a moderate but steady increases in weight reported around 10lbs-25lbs. Equipoise is a good drug for vascularity and endurance. Users often have an increase in appetite which with the added anabolic effects of the drug turns out to be a plus when trying to gain lean body mass. Side effects can be acne, aggression, hypertension, lethargy, gynecomastia and lack of sleep. An anti estrogen being needed is dependent on the user

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