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    Ass sweat: Why it happens and how to get rid of it

    Butt sweat can happen in various situations, such as while exercising. Keeping the area clean and wearing different clothes can help resolve and prevent it. Learn more here.

    Butt sweat is a universal, albeit uncomfortable, fact of life. Anyone who has spent a little too much time outside on a muggy day or worn tight leggings during a gym session has probably experienced butt sweat.
    While butt sweat can sometimes cause embarrassment or discomfort, it is a perfectly normal occurrence.

    In this article, we describe the causes of butt sweat and strategies for preventing it.

    Everyone experiences butt sweat, but some people sweat more than others. The frequency and amount of sweat may depend on a person's:

    distribution of sweat glands
    body weight
    The body has two types of sweat glands:

    eccrine glands produce an odorless fluid that helps regulate body temperature. These glands are in almost every area of skin, including the buttocks.
    apocrine glands do not regulate body temperature, and they exist mostly in the genital region, around the bellybutton, and in the armpits, breasts, and a few other areas. They secrete an odorous liquid made of water, proteins, and lipids.
    The secretion, or sweat, from apocrine glands can be modified by bacteria on the surface of the skin, leading to an odor. This does not happen with eccrine secretion, such as that on the buttocks.

    Click here to view the full bodybuilding news article.

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