I was jogging the other day when I got excited a little bit too much and hurt my knee, which got me thinking about some of these points:

Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport, and its practice is not without danger. The risk of injury is certainly less important compared to other sports, but it still exists. You must learn to avoid injuries and listen to your body.
A rigorous and progressive warm-up prepares the body for effort and reduces the risk of injury. It must be done systematically before each session.
Stretching is also important! Stretching is fundamental if you do not want to lose flexibility and develop pathologies related to the loss of mobility.

Some health problems are frequent, like:
back pain;
Achilles' tendon;
inflammatory injury;
muscular elongation.

Although these injuries are significantly different, their causes are often common:

lack of warm up;
lack of lumbar and abdominal stability;
poor training technique;
absence of stretching after exercise
recovery time too short.

When training, especially with high intensity, injury prevention plays an important role in training. The error does not forgive!

Often, talking about injury prevention, we hear about mobility, specific reinforcement, correct technique. Unfortunately, even though it's part of prevention, it's not enough. There are 3 other key points to consider:
Listening to your body
Understanding the movements
Constant search for improvement of the technique.

So that was just an introduction, more details about the topic apone request.

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