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There are various reasons why people get into bodybuilding. Some end up being in that world as a result of doing a lot of body conditioning. It must be said that finding someone who says “ I want to be bodybuilder when I grow up” is hard but as unconventional as it might be, there are people who see body building as something they might want to spend their lives doing. People love the bodybuilding enough to want to start a career. The issue however is that most people consider a career in bodybuilding as an aside not something they would do full time. The most obvious outlet for anyone in love with body building is to turn this love into an actual physical expression in terms of participating in body building contests. Being contest ready takes hours of dedicated training and a strict lifestyle. To make body building your life you need to know that there are thousands of other hopefuls who might be drawn to body building just like you, who hope to make it into sports teams and make it into their country's sporting teams that compete international where the most money is to be made.

As a competitive bodybuilder you will need determination, you will need self-discipline, consistence and most of all patience. Your focus should always be your next competition. Professional body building requires you to be fit at all times and to have your mind focused on being the best. Professional bodybuilders need to be not only physically fit but also emotionally fit. The diet aspect will stop being an occasional thing but it will be a way of life. You have to believe in yourself enough to know that the first few forays will be hard and you will fail a couple of times but as you gain experience and participate more in contest you will improve and things will get better. It does not hurt to try and find a trainer to help you reach your personal goals or a coach to help you prepare for big competitions.

How much do bodybuilders earn?

The top professional bodybuilders make thousands of dollars a year in prize money as well as money they make from endorsement deals. The best of top bodybuilders could earn over a million dollars a year. Beginners or amateur body builders might go from earning nothing to making at least $75,000 annually. The difference between amateurs that make no money and those who make lies in how they package themselves. Bodybuilding is a sport. A sport should draw crowds and crowds are drawn by sports that are entertaining. A bodybuilder is his own billboard, how he or she presents himself or herself will draw interest and interest draws marketing deals. When you are an amateur the endorsements might not be that lucrative in the beginning but even a simple deal to wear your local gym’s t-shirt so they get free advertisement and you get to use their facilities free of charge. There's always an angle that you can use to get someone to sponsor you. Sponsorship is something you might need to do as soon as possible as this sport can get expensive with the traveling, special food and gym memberships.

Jobs for Professional Bodybuilders

There are other ways that you can live and work as a bodybuilder. The most obvious way of getting into body building is to get into fitness training. This is a career you can get trained for. For instance, you can go for a course in Sports Science which is offered at Universities and other colleges. Personal trainers help people perform exercises properly. Their job is to help clients reach whatever personal fitness goals they may have.

Besides the obvious, some bodybuilders work as fitness models. Some get involved in marketing nutritional supplements. Some career choices do not require a college education but a certification lends credibility. Formal education might improve the chances of a person seeking a career in the fitness industry. Certification should begin with CPR certification. It is important to know that as a personal trainer your clients will have someone on hand to administer emergency aid. There are other certification bodies like the American College of Sports Medicine and National Academy of Sports Medicine. Hence your hobby of bodybuilding can become your career so you need to hunt for the opportunities to cash on it.

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