It is much easier to answer questions about weight loss or slimming than it is to answer questions about building muscles. This is because the market is awash with products for building muscles from equipment to supplements that all promise miraculous results. Truth be told, the best way to build muscles is to use a combination of methods and not just one. People should be very wary of exercise programs that promise miracles. If it is too good to be true it probably is as bad as it can ever be. Building muscle is more than just about lifting weights and living on a protein diet. The Body Building universe is filled with misconceptions that are unfortunately perpetuated by fitness magazines and self styled gurus. There are a lot of elements that should come together in a body building regimen.

Training Volume
Training volume has to do with the amount of weight you lift and the amount of repetitions you do for each weight lifting exercise. It is important to also have a recovery plan that addresses your own weight training program. Recovery is important as it allows you to build muscles steadily without injury. You should not push yourself when your body is screaming in pain, forget the “no pain, no gain saying”; you should stop when you are in pain and allow your body to heal.

Most people tend to exercise more than usual when they want to build muscles. The idea that there is such a thing as over-training and that it is dangerous is a strange concept. Over-training seems like a logical answer to getting results faster but it is bad.

Proper Nutrition
Food is fuel and it is also the source of those building blocks that create tissues and ultimately repair and build muscles but you need everything in moderation. If you don't feed your body with the nutrients that it needs to build muscle mass, you will not ever see the desired results in the gym. Your body is a machine that will not operate properly if it does not receive the proper fuel.

Protein is one of the most important foods that your body needs for building muscle, and the amount consumed is equally important. Your body can only utilize a certain amount of protein to build muscles, consuming more will not work. Besides proteins, Creatine is another important muscle building supplement but increasing your daily dose will not increase the rate at which your body is able to build muscles.

The four things you should keep in mind about Nutrition are:
- Skipping breakfast can be counterproductive if you want to increase muscle mass, so do not skip breakfast for any reason.
- It is important to eat if you are building muscle mass; if you let yourself go hungry you might actually be causing muscle tissue reduction.
- Eat before your training sessions but do not have large helpings, your largest meal of the day should be eaten at least after one hour of training.
- To ensure that your body remains in the desired anabolic state for building muscle, eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours!

Rest & Recovery
You would think increasing workout sessions from 3 a week to 6 will double the speed at which you get the results you want, unless you have excess fat that you also need to deal with. What most people don’t know is that muscles actually grow when the body is at rest. Increasing training sessions does not give enough time for muscle recovery.

Over-training requires some level of willing mind to power through the pain. Beginners tend to buy into the “no pain, no gain” saying which is actually false and unless they understand this they may go through the wrong path. Beginners might also be anxious to get results and when the pain does not translate into big bulging muscles, some might be desperate enough to try other things like steroids.

Anyone can build muscles, for some people it might be harder or take more time but it really has nothing to do with having good genes. Physiologically, we are all the same and have the same potential to bulk up. Results have little to do with genetics but more to do with technique and nutrition; those are the two important things that you can play around with until you get the desired results.

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