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Most people who have never taken up bodybuilding as a serious sport think that all that to it is lifting a couple of weights and increasing the intensity to get bulging. There should be no pain involved in gaining muscles. There is so much misinformation about weightlifting that can be quite harmful not just painful. Strangely enough this information is passed through fitness magazines and even through personal trainers and companies that make supplements, just to maximize their profits.

Do genes have anything to do with it?

The ability to build muscles has nothing to do with genes. It takes a lot of work, discipline and sacrifice. Most people will cop out to genetics when they fail to pack up the muscles no matter how closely they follow nutritional plan and exercise as hard as anybody else. Physiologically, we are all the same and have the same potential to bulk up. Genetics have nothing to do with a person's ability to build muscle mass but technique and nutrition are all you need to concentrate on.

Muscle Confusion

Muscles do get bored, especially when itís the same workout routine day in day out. When you start out itís easy to notice changes, from the soreness of your body at the beginning to a slight reduction in body fat. You might even see some muscle definition but as time goes on and as the body gets accustomed to the training program it gets into a groove where muscles arenít challenged. It can be frustrating when muscles hit a plateau and you donít see any improvement. Contrary to popular belief plateaus are not inevitable, they can be easily avoided by simply varying your workouts or doing what is known in the bodybuilding world as Muscle Confusion.

Varying muscle building workouts or muscle confusion is one way to challenge your body and push your muscles to grow but it also helps prevent injury because you wonít be working out the same muscle fibers in the same way at the same intensity. Altering the routine and intensity allows muscle tissue to heal and to grow. This is a sure fire way of achieving the desired results. Muscles need to be worked at different angles and changing your moves in your body building routine ensures that there is some balance in how the muscles grow. This balance is what protects muscles and joints covered by muscle tissue from sprains and the strain of overuse.

You would think increasing workout sessions from 3 a week to 6 times a week will double the speed at which you get the results you want. This is not the solution to your problem unless you have excess fat that you also need to deal with. What most people donít know is that muscles actually grow when the body is at rest. Increasing training sessions does not give enough time for recovery so in turn this increase in number of sessions can back fire.

Confusing the routine

Muscle confusion is about working the same muscle only in different ways. For instance, when working chest muscles you can alternate between bench press or use dumbbells to do chest presses. Most gyms have body building circuits with machinery that works different muscles then there are resistance bands and of course, free weights. All you need to do is switch between either one of these. In a workout routine, one also has to consider variables like the number of sets and the number of time each movement is done in each of those sets. You can also alternate the intensity for each muscle group being exercised. You can also alternate weights from a heavier weight to a less heavy weight and vice versa.

The recommended muscle confusion program involves varying routines every four weeks. As with any body conditioning program, muscle confusion is also based on certain principles most importantly, the need for muscles to get enough rest. You should also use the proper form when exercising to lessen the risk of injury and always remember that the best fuel or supplement is proper nutrition and balanced diet aimed at building muscle mass. There are a lot of exercises that you can try, so you should never feel trapped into one exercise routine. If you donít have a personal trainer to help you, look for exercises on the web. When you change your exercise routine you should not change the rest of the essential elements like nutrition.

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