Athletes in bodybuilding often talk about paying dues. But what does that mean exactly?
There’s an expression that is said a lot about younger athletes in bodybuilding, especially if the young athlete is catching a lot of hype. That expression is – “you need to pay your dues.” This is often a reference to the fact that new competitors will likely place lower until they’ve gotten a few competitions or years under their belt. In our latest interview with Victor Martinez, we discussed the reality behind that expression.

When fans and even some athletes discuss the concept of “paying dues” in bodybuilding – it’s often described from two sides. One is simple – and athlete needs more experience before they will really leave an impact in the industry. The other side is a darker take on the expression – that athletes need to get on the federations good side in order to ever be taken seriously in the sport. Before we go any further, we must point out that there is no proof of this.

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