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Ostarine (MK-2866, GTx-024)
Is a sarm( selective Androgen receptor modulator) developing a company called GTX as a form of treatment in the prevention of muscle wasting diseases, cancers, and for the replacement treatment of trt.
Mk-2866 is the most well-known and widely used sarm not just in bodybuilding, but by athletes both male and female from around the world.
Mk-2866 is very user-friendly and well known for his therapeutic properties and injury prevention associated with tendons ligaments and Bone.
Mk-2866 will cause steady and consistent Lean gains. With Proper nutrition and training users can expect to gain an upward of 10 lb during a lean bulk, over a 12-week cycle.
Individual results will vary person to person, depending on metabolism, caloric intake, and training.
Mk-2866 will also help with nutrition partitioning and will prevent catabolism. Meaning that mk-2866 is well suited for cutting and maintaining your muscle during a calorie deficit without worrying about losing the gains you recently worked so hard to make. Users can expect to add between 3-5 lb of lean muscle while losing upward of 1-3%bf. Individual results will vary person to person.
When used for a true recomp, users can expect to gain
5-7lb of lean muscle while dropping 1-2% body fat.
Individual results will vary.
Mk-2866 can be used solo or in a stack to further enhance Muscle growth, strength, endurance, stamina and fatloss.
Half life is about 24hrs.
Dosing ranges: 12.5 -25mg daily.
25mg is considered a standard dose.
Cycles are normally run anywhere from 8-12 weeks. Depending upon Users preference.
Mk-2866 will cause a low degree of suppression at higher doses. A light pct is recommended.
Ostarine (MK-2866, GTx-024)
Bulking 25mg/day for 8 weeks
Recomposition 20-25mg/day for 6-12 weeks for this it stacks great with S-4 & GW-501516
Cutting 15-20mg/day for 6-12 weeks for this it stacks great with Andarine ( and stacks great with Stenbolone made by Euro-Phamacies
Injury Rehabilitation 12.5mg/day for 6-8 weeks (Great for recovery when used with peptide Thymosin Beta(TB4) Tb-500 2mg made by Euro-Phamacies)
Mk-2866 is very versatile and widely used with amazing results. If you suffer from injuries, mk-2866 will speed up healing and shorten your recovery time. You will feel like a new person and be training pain free before you know it.
If your looking to add a few lbs of lean mass or drop a few lbs of body fat, mk-2866 will assist you in your goals. Mk-2866 is about 1/2 as anabolic as testosterone.
Mk-2866 will selectively Raise Androgen activity in muscle tissue and Bone, although it will not affect the liver or prostate. Hairloss should not be an issue either. This means you will experience steroid like results without all the negative side effects you hear come along with them.Weather your goal is to bulk, or cut mk-2866 will give you the results you have been searching for.
So If your looking for a safe alternative to steroids, without the dreaded side effects mk-2866 is your answer.
You can also add mk-2866 to an steroid cycle to give you the added boost your looking for, without having to add in orals or other steroids than can be hepatoxic and cause unwanted stress to your liver, kidneys, and wreak havoc on your system.
Mk-2866 has a great reputation and has been around for many years with clinical studies backing it up.
Weather your goal is muscle building, fat burning, or just maintaining muscle during a caloric deficit, you should give mk-2866 a try.

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