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MuscleMecca Bodybuilding News - 2013 MR OLYMPIA: WHO HAS QUALIFIED SO FAR?

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It’s that time again when the lifts get laid down and impressive bodies show the world what more abs they’ve ripped, persistence they’ve endured, gains they’ve made, and definitely what losses they’ve incurred. Men and women of global fame competing across various categories get to jab elbows once again in a highly-heated outing stretching over four days.
Here in the Orleans Arena, Las Vega, Nevada, it’s time to displace more champions and hopefully get fans hailing the news superstars. It doesn’t matter your tongue, language, continent, tribe or accent; if you’ve got bodybuilding talents and heady enough to displace anyone, you’ve got to fight your way through and tune your body before those judges, and fans, at the Mr Olympia.
Unarguably the greatest, most popular, most challenging and energy-sapping bodybuilding show there is, what has been done on a single night has been spread over a couple of days and nights at the Olympia, without leaving any bodybuilding who-is-who out of the fun.
Now running in its 49th year, Mr. Olympia 2013 promises to be worthwhile, breathtaking and incredibly loaded.
A prominent factor which has made the competition instigating is the amount and caliber of hurdles those that get to compete on each night have passed through, prior to the outing. First off, they’ve pre-qualified from their home country and leagues, competed in numerous amateur leagues, moved into the professional bodybuilding status and each one continues working out to hand other contestants their butts in a competition that tests so much in a man enough to make one shiver.
So far, a total of 22 lifters have been certified to slug it out at the Mr. Olympia this year, come Saturday, September 28th at the Men’s Finals. The Mr. Olympia which held last year automatically qualified the first 5 of those already qualified, since they finished in the first 5 positions at last year’s event – such is the struggle which characterizes the event. The organizers believe anyone strong enough to make it to the final five should get a guaranteed spot in the succeeding year. Here are the bodybuilders so qualified:
- Phil Heath, who has received, and been crowned, Mr. Olympia twice
- Kai Greene
- Shawn Rhoden
- Dexter Jackson and
- Branch Warren
If anything, the rule which got these guys a shot at the event has helped as much as done otherwise. This is so because, of the five, only Dexter Jackson has competed in any event in 2013, and chances are high that things will remain this way until that night. Most definitely also, Phil Heath won’t be competing in any other outing until this year’s Mr. Olympia, as the unwritten rule favors the reigning overall winner. Mr. Olympia is a dream any bodybuilder can ever be in, so why go compete at other lesser shows while the big boy knocks?
Even Jackson and his chase for titles of any kind since March after clinching the juicy Arnold Classic title for a record fourth time running and also capping it up with an Australian Pro victory, both in the same month. Till the Mr. Olympia, all he’s got to do is rest and, well, lift harder.
Also, of the five, there are 3 past overall winners of the Mr. Olympia. We’ve got Heath, a two-time winner; Jay Cutler, who won it for a record four times, and of course, Dexter Jackson.
The bodybuilding rules have their own way of working for you when you’ve grinded teeth with the real iron, you know. If you ever get to peep at the very top and maintain a seat there, you can be sure to get your butt covered often; or how else do you describe the case of Jay Cutler who, due to a bicep muscle tear two years ago, thus missing the event that year, but is now allowed to run for the contest at any edition he chooses to - at least the IFFB Pro League books say so. So, be it this year or any other in the distant future, Jay needs not qualify to secure a place; he automatically gets a shot at the event.

The Next 10
Following the top 5 closely are ten bodybuilders who have secured a spot for themselves at the Mr. Olympia this year. They did so by winning pro shows once the Mr. Olympia 2012 came and went. After the event last year September, such contests concluded those held late last year, and those held in the build-up to this year’s.
They are; Cedric McMillan, Dennis Wolf, Brandon Curry, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, Roelly Winklaar, Evan Cantopani, Victor Martinez, Steve Kuclo, Robert Piotrkowicz and Blaitollah Abbaspour.
. . . And The Final Seven
Based on the most points generated, five other spots have been awarded as qualifications to five contestants through the Olympia Qualification Series. For the entire contest season, these competitions have attained the maximally obtainable points by ranking within the first top 5 positions in the outings which fall in the season. They finished as the top 5, but we’ve got two contestants tieing the slot at the No 5 ranking; Ed Nunn and Essa Obaid.
The first four are Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson, Ben Pakulski and Lionel Beyeke.
The final list of the 2013 Mr. Olympia Contest; We start from the past winners:
1. Jay Cutler (former Mr. Olympia winner, qualifies automatically)
2. Phil Heath (reigning Mr. Olympia champion)
3. Dexter Jackson (former Mr. Olympia winner)
4. Kai Greene (2nd place at last year’s Mr. Olympia)
5. Shawn Rhoden (3rd place at last year’s Mr. Olympia)
6. Branch Warren (5th place at last year’s Mr. Olympia)
And then to the Championship winners;
7. Evan Centopini (won the Tampa PBW Championships)
8. Baitollah Abbaspour (won the Nordic Pro Championships)
9. Brandoin Curry (won the Arnold Classic Brazil)
10. Mamdouh Elssbiay (won the New York Pro)
11. Steve Kuclo (won the Dallas Europa Pro)
12. Victor Martinez (won the Toronto Pro)
13. Cedric McMillan ( won the FIBO Power Pro)
14. Robert Procrkowicz (won the Mr Europa Pro)
15. Roelly Winklaar (Won the Chicago Pro)
16. Dennis Wolf ( won the EVLS Prague Pro)
Finally to the Olympic Qualification Winners;
17. Toney Freeman (1st place at the Olympic Qualification Series)
18. Johnnie Jackson (2nd place at the Olympic Qualification Series)
19. Ben Pakulski (3rd place at the Olympic Qualification Series)
20. Lionel Beyeke (4th place at the Olympic Qualification Series)
21. Ed Nunn (tied 5th place)
22. Essa Obaid (tied 5th place).

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