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    Phil Heath on racism

    Here's Phil Heath talking about the shit that happened and is going on in Minnesota.

    "Equality, Accountability, Justice then Peace. I'm tired of being tired I’m saddened by the fact that systemic racism STILL exists I’m furious to see yet another Black person killed by a dirty cop while his own coworkers watched. My soul is broken by the lack of accountability & justice by our judicial system, giving these criminal officers of the law, the ability to walk free while those families mourn a loved one. “Dad, why is it that my [Black] people are treated this way?”
    He would explain how society and “some” police view us differently and the importance to be prepared for a possible situation which could literally mean LIFE or DEATH by the hands of an officer of the law.
    “But what did I do Dad? Why would someone do this?”
    These are just a few of the many questions many Black parents have to engage their youth on, especially right now.
    What is troubling is just how painful it is for these parents to see the innocence of their youth be taken away after seeing such horrific acts of violence.
    And again no justice, no convictions for the bad ones just broken hearts, families and communities all left with pain, frustration and lack of hope.

    So why are we outraged?

    "Well, after 400+ years of slavery, the most horrible acts of racism on American soil, hatred and down right bullshit, one would be beyond outraged too when they see similar acts of racism and violence ,prevalent today. From Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sean Bell, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray, Danroy Henry, Oscar Grant III, Kendrick McDade, Aiyana Jones, Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, Ahmad Aubery, Breonna Taylor and no damn CONVICTIONS!!!! We are outraged by seeing the killing of George Floyd and although we are furious we are still promoting love in the streets, even with police officers, as we know not all are bad apples.

    One thing I refuse to tolerate anymore is to allow someone telling me how to cry when they have ignored my pain all of these years!!! I pray for George Floyd’s family along with the many of others who mourn their loved ones. I don’t expect you to understand it all, but know in your soul right and wrong. Love2All"
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