Covid-19 crisis has indeed slowed down severely many of our shipping routes, however we now operate normally again from 9 out of our current 11 active Warehouses.

Since 2008 we do RESHIP / REFUND automatically, no questions asked, if package is not delivered after 30 days since origin dispatch date. However, we have temporarily increased that limit time to 60 days, given the fact that we have never witnessed so many cases of 6-8 weeks deliveries.

All delayed orders receive bonuses as store credit.

We encourage every customer to contact our customer service prior to ordering and ask about best options to your location.

Steroidify is the same company we were in 2008. Customers don't lose money with us, never have, never will.

We truly hope these unusual times are over soon and everything gets back to normal.

Stay safe.

From the Steroidify team.