Guys, this will make everything faster and easier for everyone:

Please refer to our FAQ section before ordering, emailing customer service or messaging a rep, here:

Also, if there's a question about your order, use the "contact us" form on our site before asking a rep. Link:

Reason is simple: reps don't have access to your order info and we need to ask customer service as well, so we're just gonna be a bridge and whole process will take longer than you asking them directly. They always reply in a business day and their info is much more complete because they keep delivery statistics and communicate with the warehouses on a daily basis.

Please understand that our company works with several warehouses in many different countries, so using multiple warehouse will add on to shipping cost.

And last, but not least, we try to have products from most labs we carry tested regularly so you can make an educated purchase. Our lab test section is updated often:

Sincerely yours.

Steroidify Team.