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    Building muscles or losing weight

    I'm one of those who around 5 years ago, wanted to add some weight by building muscles. But I lost weight instead.

    I know there are more people who experience the same. I think my experience was contributed by;

    1. Not eating well.
    2. Not having an instructor to guide me.
    3. Not focusing on the types of exercises that were for my specific need.
    4. Not knowing the best time to exercise.
    5. Not knowing what nutrients my body needed or lacked.

    So I will appreciate your input on why some people experience the opposite of what they expected during body building.

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    Re: Building muscles or losing weight

    Not staying responsible during the weekend

    As the weekend approaches, everyone gets into a celebration mood. Some athletes even indulge in drinking alcohol disregarding the fact that athletes shouldn't drink any alcohol. Compromise is unpreventable but at the end of the day you are an adult and you know what suits you best. Making your absolute best should be your priority.



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