The older lion stack. The cycle for older guys.

Whats the most practical and effective cycle to help an older lion maintain his hard earn gains made throughout the years as he grows older yet staying active in the lifestyle?

Some of us older lions want to keep up to speed with the same pace with others around us and there's those that just want to feel GOOD period and look great too.
There's options that aren't aggressive, yet are extremely effective all the while not being completely taxing on our health and bodies.

One combo that comes to mind that is based around quality and not quantity; Testosterone Enanthate 250 1mL, Drostanolone Enanthate 200mg 1mL (Masteron) , Turinabol 10mg tabs, Arimidex, HGH, CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg 1mL, HCG.
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Euro-Pharmacies Test E 250mg split 125 x 2 a week
Euro-Pharmacies Mast E 200mg split 100 x 2 a week
Euro-Pharmacies Tbol 10mg tabs 40mgs every day for the first 4-6 weeks of the cycle or last 4-6 weeks
Euro-Pharmacies Adex .05 mg every 5 days (if blood works says it's necessary to use more or less)
Euro-Pharmacies HCG 250iu x 2 a week, 250iu every 3 days
Euro-Pharmacies HGH 2-3ius every day in the am fasted
Euro-Pharmacies CJC -1295 w DAC 2mgs once every 6 days for first 4 weeks of 12-14 week blast, or last 4 weeks of blast.

This stack can be used for long duration with adding and subtracting the Euro-Pharmacies HCG and Euro-Pharmacies CJC, phasing these in and out, along with Euro-Pharmacies T4 (used only if blood work indicates it's necessary do not go off of feels)

Most of these products are available through LOCAL online shopping catalog!

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