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[FONT=verdana]Inject Turinabol 50mg/mL - 10mL vial By Euro-Pharmacies
Available at www.PuritySourceLabs.ru

[FONT=verdana]What we have here is a compound that historically has made champions around the world, known as the the cold war gold medal maker. When nations where secretly building missile silos, the Germans where to busy engineering with their well-known innovation and game changing concepts, outpacing the world while finding ways to improve the performance with their athlete's. They achieved this with much successes as it was well hidden for years.[/FONT]

[FONT=verdana]Their secrete was this famous compound known today as [/FONT]Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Tbol), The well hidden break-through[FONT=verdana] catapulted their athletes with an unstoppable moment..
Climbing the ranks getting their names etched in the books that has pages of victories, unfortunately it came at the expense of some competitors getting stripped of their titles, or worst, banned from competition indefinitely.[/FONT]

[FONT=verdana]Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that has been mostly recognized by its oral form, either in a pressed table or powdered capsules..[/FONT]
[FONT=verdana]It may also be found in the form of an alcohol base liquid dropper preparation, known as a research chem solution.
All of these oral preparations should contain that active agent [/FONT]Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone[FONT=verdana], brand name Tbol, which is a chlor-substituted variant of [/FONT]Methandrostenolone (dbol)

[FONT=verdana]The oral version is extremely popular due too its convenience and availability, however it's also worth mentioning that when used in the alcohol base solution this is a cheap and inexperience method with marketing the product with little to no efforts applied with compounding. The irony with being the cheapest method at that point may actually come at a price with sacrificing quality and reliably due to the settlement and separation of the hormone falling out of the suspension, now proving to be inconsistent with the targeting dose this could varying upon each administration, where the user is responsible for mixing & shaking the product in order to achieve the desired daily dosage..[/FONT]

Tbol - Turinabol has proven to be most effect when compounded in a oil base carrier for IM (intramuscular preparation). One of the most unique properties of this very underrated anabolic steroid is that it has a sufficient anabolic signature with a reduced androgenic expression, this ratio can be rather pleasing with rewards when used in conjunction with other steroids in a cycle..
This provides the user with some advantages which in most cases unbeknownst to them Tbol has a few off label properties.
Lets talk about this "sufficient" expression. Tbol, has many signature traits that are often overlooked or not even considered all the while sitting in a class of its own. You read that correctly, Turinabol has its own classification of being one of a kind.

Turinabol has been living in the shadow of Dianabol (Dbol) often being compared hence it is a derivative when in fact they are not even close to being comparable, let alone being mentioned in the same sentence. The expression with it being described as Dbol without the bloat, is most certainly a false equivalency and misleading at best.

Unlike Dianabol which is a hormone known to aromatize quite easily with many unpredictability's and lack of stability partially due to its extremely short half-life at 3-5 hours, while hosting increased estrogen levels, increased water retention, acne, ily skin. As the cliche' is said best: "The list goes on"..
Lets not take Dbol out of the spot-light that it deserves, yet lets set Tbol free from the shadow that dbol has casted upon it.
Turinabol actually fits perfectly on its own on the canvas with an almost perfect depiction of its characteristics and what the user can expected with certitude.

The gold metal maker just got made better
Here is a NEW improved formula produced by Euro-Pharmacies
Injectable Turinabol - Inject TBOL by EP offers immediate bioavailability at almost 100% achieving full blood serum levels that become active in just a short duration after administration, lasting nearly 24+ hours, with a respectable half-life of 16 hours. Direct IM administration of Tbol is substantially more potent with notable effects over the original oral version of this steroid.

What to expect with this oily hormone preparation:

is one of the most under-rated and misunderstood steroids on the market. It has multi-functionalities that may assist with numerous of goals in mind; for combative athletes, powerlifters or others that wish to stay in a particular weight bracket regardless of the physical performances of the users or activity that its sought after to improve Tbol can truly exhibit exceptional strength, performance and growth properties.

If the desired goal is seeking to increase muscle density, strength, more raw out-put with a considerable presentation with endurance, tbol could be the added advantage that almost anyone is looking for.
Tbol could help promote a perfect anabolic environment with exceptional returns that will not disappoint. This comes becomes especially true due to it's ability to lower SHBG while freeing up bound testosterone making it a flattering addition to just about any steroid cycle or TRT/cruise protocol..

Turinabol stacks exceptionally well with Testosterone, nandrolone Decanoate, Trenbolone and even Anavar..

[FONT=arial]When used with the EP TRT Blend TestE/MastE it can exhibit extraordinarily [/FONT][FONT=arial]terrific[/FONT][FONT=arial] returns while providing the user with a sense of well being, exciting the user with a well fitted trio that compliments their goal. The users often report feeling at their best, on point, advocating that everything feels "exactly right and where it should be"..

Inject-Tbol 50 can be used as a PWO with much success.. Probably being one of the best for performance and longevity and exceptional pumps,
Half-life: 16 hours
Dosage: 10-100mgs daily
Cycle length: Varies (4 weeks or up to 3 months)
Anabolic ratio: 100
Androgenic ratio: Slight androgenic properties have been reported in some users

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