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    Of course its heavy, Why do you think they call it weights (Strongest PWO) Injection Drol

    It's that time of year and we're closing out the fall into the winter.. You have time left to UP YOUR MASS before your re-comp or lean mass stacks!

    The requirements of this drug is SERIOUS -
    1) We're looking for clients who are beasts as opposed to a human, animals that eat dumbbells for breakfast..
    2) Individuals that will quit lifting when the world STOP making heavy to pick up,nothing left that's heavy enough to lift..
    3) Must be willing to commitment yourself and HULK OUT!

    mDvCIng 1

    The most well liked Injection oral that has ever hit the market, this extremely favored and
    sought-after compound also in high demand,
    desired by many, and wanted by all -

    P.S.L. brings to you "Anadrol" Injection A-50 50mg/mL 10mL
    dOXUybw 1
    Nutrition should be viewed as the centerpiece for controlling your body composition, and is the pinnacle factor for an individualís well-being,
    but in addition with Anadrol you can begin to feed your gains by supersizing them with A-50

    Begin to up your mass TODAY!

    A-50 ~ 150mg/mL 10mL vial
    XUpiyuml 1

    A 50 - 50mg/ml - 10 ml vial EP
    Condition: New product
    Chemical Name:OXYMETHOLONE
    Comes In: 10ml vial - 50mg/ml
    Dosage: 10-100mg daily
    Active time: 16-24 hours
    Class:Slight androgenic properties have been reported in some users
    Stacks well with TestE and Deca
    Shipping from Europe
    J0UPlgQ 1
    ad by vision

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