Winning the Olympia wasn't hard for Jay Cutler

From GI:
When we asked Jay Cutler why professional bodybuilding hasn't gone mainstream, his initial answer was, "because they never lived it." To outsiders, mass monster physiques look so insane that it's impossible to understand how the sport really works. It creates a divide that is hard to overcome. This, Culter argues, is what makes the sport so hard to become mainstream.

During our interview while filming Generation Iron 3, Jay Cutler detailed all of the misconceptions that non-bodybuilding fans have about the sport. The biggest being how much the athletes train in a single day. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Jay Cutler admits that pro bodybuilding came natural to him. He doesn't feel like he had to put a lot of effort to become Mr. Olympia. Most would find that shocking. For Cutler it was just a way of life.

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