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Bodybuilding With HGH
By Michael Stanford

Bodybuilding with HGH
The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced in the human body, and in several other species as well, by the pituitary gland located at the back side of the brain. Since HGH is responsible in several ways for proper growth by increasing lean muscle mass, lipolysis, strength, and endurance bodybuilding with HGH is a natural consequence.

Falling HGH levels
HGH is one of the few hormones in our body that has tremendous impact on our physical and mental abilities. However, HGH production begins to go into decline starting from somewhere after the 30th year, though technicaly its production peaks at the age of 21. With increasing age the level of HGH keeps falling at the rate of 15% every 10 years.

Synthetic and Natural HGH
Some individuals opt for synthetic HGH in order to make up for this natural deficiency but that is not really the best choice. There are several HGH boosting supplements available that stimulate the body to make more HGH. These supplements are ideal for bodybuilders. Once you start taking HGH boosters you will experience a tremendous boost in muscle mass. Bodybuilding with HGH is also helpful when you wish to gain size quickly.

Normal HGH
In a normal human body the production of new muscle cells stops after puberty. For the rest of your life the quantity of muscle cells is determined by your genetic structure and the only option left for you is to either train to increase the size or to use steroids. HGH is the only for of supplement that can actually grow new muscle cells. This is helpful if the genetic predisposition is towards excessive lack of muscle density. HGH can help you achieve the minimum recommended muscle mass for a human adult.

Benefits of HGH
Another aspect of HGH is that it keeps metabolism and energy levels quite high. Both these factors result in increased ability to burn fat. Bodybuilding with HGH is good because the only weight increase is because of increase lean muscle mass and not fat. HGH also works more gradually. Unlike steroids that result in rapid gains, HGH boosters cause lean muscle mass gain of 2 pounds in 2-3 weeks. Another difference is that steroids mostly cause an increase in water weight whereas HGH causes an increase in lean muscle mass only.

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