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    Gear to accent your Diet and Training

    Diet and Training consistently come first.
    The gear you run will only enhance the process.

    It's pretty fucking simple, the quickest way to change your body is through your diet.
    Add into that equation training consistently and the changes will happen faster.
    Only then should you drop in gear to enhance/expedite the process.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    THE CUT = Get Leaner
    Diet should be in a caloric deficit.

    Training might mean: Higher metabolic sessions (less rest between sets) and/or higher rep ranges.
    A fair amount of cardio, and increased training frequency.

    Gear: you might consider:

    Name:  test-e-250mg-tren-e-150mg-400mgml-10mlvial-ep-usa (3).jpg
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    THE RECOMP = Lose Fat and Gain muscle
    Diet would be right around Maintenance Calories

    Training could be: Hypertrophy, and strength training with some cardio.

    Gear choice could be:

    Name:  test-e-200mg-eq-200mg-400mgml-10mlvial-ep-usa.jpg
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    THE BULK = Add size
    Diet is a Caloric Surplus.

    Training might be: Heavy strength and Hypertrophy training with plenty of rest between sets, and no cardio. (potentially lower training frequency)

    Gear selection might be:

    Name:  test-e-250mg-deca-200mg-450mgml-10mlvial-ep-usa (1).jpg
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    Obviously there are numerous combinations of Diets, training programming, and gear selections that would work for a Cut, a Recomp, or a Bulk.
    BUT...Diet and Training come first.
    At we're happy to help with all aspects....
    Just start a thread in our sub-forum with your questions and we'll get you some answers :

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    Re: Gear to accent your Diet and Training

    The test E and Tren E combo is an awesome pair. Match made in heaven.

    I am using the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding Mobile App!



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