In my opinion,
Nowadays most brands selling fake HGH and its not give any positive effect on the body.
so we need to test our HGH is Real or Fake?

If we take HGH in 30 mins its breaks down and goes to the Liver and the Liver produces IGF and IGF binds to insulin receptors (20-25%) on the muscle cell and it gives some quality of insulin activity
and insulin drop-down Blood sugar level.
so if we take HGH there is a difference in blood sugar level before and after taking GH!

A lot of Diabetic patients have Glucometer at there home which used to test blood sugar level at home,
so we need to take Two Blood test:
One is Before taking HGH and another is after 2 hrs of taking HGH

if blood sugar level drops down then its a real one
if it's still the same then its fake one

if you guys know any other effective method to test HGH is Real or Not please suggest it!

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