New cycle. I wanted to run this cycle months ago, actually started it but then my wife wanted to try again for a kid. Small history of the past year. I had hernia surgery which knocked me out for 4 months. Started lifting natty for a few months and decided to run a cycle. Pinned for 2 weeks then the wife wanted to try for a kid. So I stopped and went on the Dave Palumbo pregnancy protocol. 1000iu HCG EOD and 50 mg of clomid. Bam 3 months later my wife is pregnant. So Ive been lifting natty now for 7 months. Donated blood last week and Im ready to rock and roll. Here is my cycle

900 Test E per week
600 EQ per week
25mg drol per day pre workout for 45 days.

After the drol is over ill bump up to this

1000 Test E per week
750 EQ per week

Ill probably run the EQ for 16-20 weeks. Ill probably run the test for 20-25 weeks then get off for awhile. Ill use generic HGH when I get off just to use something and it seems to help me bridge the gap for enhanced to natty. I have Nolv, Adex, Aromsin, hand for any estro sides.

Starting 230lbs 6'1 38 years old. Body fat is higher than I want, maybe 14-15%. Goals.. just going to eat cleaner and continue training my ass off and see what happens.

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