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2004 mr. olympia

  1. TalkAdmin

    Johnnie Jackson Vs Ronnie Coleman in 2004!

    Muscle Combat, Ronnie Coleman or Johnnie Jackson in 2004!
  2. tkD

    Stage 7 -Top 6 Guess- 2014 Toronto SUPERSHOW!

    Alright, let's roll on with the next top 6 predictions for the 2014 Toronto SuperShow! Remember the scoring: 1st place - 7 points 2nd place- 6 points 3rd place - 8 points 4th place - 8 points 5th place - 6 points 6th place - 5 points Whoever guesses the top 6 in order gets a bonus of 15...
  3. tkD

    2013 ***Special stage Top 6 Guess *** EVL's Prague Pro!

    2nd special stage on the way! It looks like it will be a good lineup so far. Have fun everyone!
  4. Natzo

    Toney Freeman Seminar in Denmark

  5. tkD

    Toney Freeman at Gumse Gym Sweden

  6. tkD

    Dennis Wolf & Toney Freeman guest posing in Kuwait

    dennis wolf at oxygen championship kuwait (guest pose) Toney freeman at oxygen championship in kuwait (guest pose) Toney >> Wolf (esp back poses)
  7. tkD

    Toney Freeman's Armed for Battle

  8. Deity

    Toney Freeman - 3 weeks out - AC

    .. massive
  9. tkD

    Toney Freeman - flexonline photoshoot (leg training)

  10. tkD

    Toney Freeman guest posing at the 2009 NPC Rocky Mountain

  11. chadcruz

    Toney Freeman wins the Sacramento Pro

    Toney Freeman win big at the Sacramento Pro By Dave Lee November 7, 2009 FLEXONLINE.COM http://www.flexonline.com/toney_freeman_win_big_at_the_sacramento_pro/news/1010 Toney Freeman waited until the end of year, but it was worth it as he capped off his 2009 season with a convincing victory...
  12. tkD

    Toney Freeman a few days out before the 09 Olympia!

    In the first pic he was 9 days out, and the second one 7 days out.
  13. SerbMarko

    IF Toney Freeman..........

    did not have a pec tear and brought his A game, being full and ripped (he missed the mark this year by about 10% or so).. i think he would be a top 3 Mr.Olympia competitor and quite possibly a chance at being Mr.O.. i honestly think that pec tear really puts his physique out of balance.. but his...
  14. tkD

    Toney Freeman - Time for D.O.A. (blog update)

    September 21, 2009 Time for D.O.A. "Its time to drop the D.O.A." That's what a friend of mine told me. The O is right around the corner and everything couldn't get any better. Can't wait to step on stage and show my fans and the entire world the new Toney Freeman. At this time last year i...
  15. tkD

    Olympia Clash of the Titans: Freeman vs Dillet

    The giant mutants, Toney Freeman vs Paul Dillet NAME: Toney Freeman HEIGHT: 6'1" WEIGHT: 280 pounds OLYMPIA HISTORY: 2006, 7th; 2007, 14th; 2008, 5th NAME: Paul Dillet HEIGHT: 6'1" WEIGHT: 280 pounds OLYMPIA HISTORY: 1993, 6th; 1994, 4th; 1996, 5th; 1997, 5th; 1998, DNP; 1999, 7th...
  16. jwill0214

    Toney Freeman NO More Mr. Nice Guy.

    August 24, 2009 NO More Mr. Nice Guy. Hello to my fans and all bodybuilding fans worldwide... Weeks out and feeling fantastic. Still a little grumpy from not doing the last couple of shows but. The O is my focus. My improvements are mostly mental. I have all meals in ! Numbers are great, 304...
  17. jwill0214

    Toney Freeman Blog Entry

    X-Man Here People ! ! ! ! Toney here people... -302 at 10 weeks out feeling great. Yes Big Dave is still in the camp and I will be full as a tick at the O. I am bringing in what was asked-295, 6’2-tiny waist- full and ready for battle. Eating clean as always- I have already competed 3x and...
  18. PrizeFighteR

    Toney Freeman works out at my gym

    I must say, if you have never seen an IFFB pro in real life you owe it to yourself. The pictures just don't do justice. He's really cool also, he answers any questions people have even while he's training. He was even showing a woman how to pose today lol.
  19. tkD

    Toney Freeman - 2009 NPC Lone Star Classic routine

    thread with the pics, here
  20. tkD

    Toney Freeman and M.Dugdale at the Emerald Cup 09 - Videos

    from an older guest appearance, the thread with the pics is here,