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2013 mr olympia

  1. tkD

    Phil Heath Wins the 2013 Mr Olympia + FULL Results!

    Alright guys, here are the top 10 results of the 2013 Mr Olympia Open 1. Phil Heath - 3x Mr Olympia! 2. Kai Greene + the fans choice award 3. Dennis Wolf 4. Shawn Rhoden 5. Dexter Jackson 6. Jay Cutler 7. Roelly Winklaar 8. Big Ramy 9. Branch Warren 10. Lionel Beyeke 212 Class 1. Flex...
  2. tkD

    Mr Olympia 2013 Updates and info thread!

    It's that time of the year again! With 10 weeks to go till the big show, here are the latest news & updates in the world of bodybuilding! keep checking this thread during the events to chat with TKD and other members! TKD will also be on our Facebook page Date & Place: 26-29 September 2013, Las...