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2016 arnold classic south africa

  1. TalkAdmin

    South Africa to host the Arnold Classic in 2016

    The Arnold Classic will be back in South Africa in 2016! The South Africa Arnold Classic will be in May of 2016! Here is Shawn Ray talking about the return of the Arnold Classic to South Africa! We will be starting a new topic for the South Africa Arnold when it is a little closer. Check...
  2. P

    pure pwnage tv (BOOM HEADSHOT)

    New TV show about gamers. They have been making videos on the net for years but now they have a proper tv show. Do5aHOjCuWo
  3. Daniel Andersson

    Pure strength

    Never mind the swedish talk.... This clip is about 10 y/o...and its 1998 Worlds strongest man Magnus Samuelsson Impressive imo qoSw-7nLpcA
  4. P

    This is pure genius