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2016 arnold classic

  1. D

    Pain, what were you thinking?

    Seriously, Just joking bro :keke:
  2. tkD

    The Best Of Ronnie Coleman (by Pain)

    I had to make a thread for this vid, it's just too awesome props to Pain! ZnExUkvacVA
  3. patdiddy

    Lee Priest-To the pain

    Unxb1X5dDGY Hope this isnt a repost......
  4. l12l21l2012l

    elbow pain

    hey guys, i keep getting elbow pain after doing any overhead triceps extensions or skull crasher! am i doing something wrong?:bitenails: what other exercises you suggest to train the long head of the triceps without elbow pain?
  5. tkD

    Happy Birthday Pain!!!

    Have a great one Pain, enjoy your day :linedrunk: and congrats for the best bb site out there! MuscleMecca rules :headbang:
  6. shivsiddh

    pain just above the left elbow

    hey guys i dont know if any of u experience this but ... everytime i do flat dumbbell press(heavy) or like skull crushers for triceps with the bar, i have this sharp pain just above my left elbow, like a vein obstructing it or .. i dont know .... anyone knows why this is ?
  7. Deathmaggot

    pain in the outter side of the knee

    it all started because i wanted my tights to flare out while walking, so i began to twist my leg a little when i stepped, so the vastus lateralis looked bigger so nodays, im starting to feel pain in the outter side of my knee, its the area where the thight joins to the knee, but not inside the...
  8. Fatality

    Fatality's log of no remorse, regret or pain.

    So I basically had chosen to take a two month break without thinking of hitting the weights. But over my Florida vacation, I was getting these thoughts of hitting the gym again, but this time, it literally gave me adrenaline rushes and withdrawals. So, in short, today was my first day back at...
  9. The Creator

    Havoc and testi pain

    My roomate is currently taking havoc. He has seen some good gains but has recently been complaining about some testicular pain. I told him that if it got any worse he should go to the doctor. Last night at 3am the pain got real bad so he went to the hospital to ease his mind of what was...
  10. Tech

    Article about Pain!!

    there's a news article that talks about Pain. Pretty interesting. :xyxthumbs: http://www.bromleytimes.co.uk/content/bromley/times/news/story.aspx?brand=BMLYTOnline&category=news&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=newsbmlyt&itemid=WeED18%20Jun%202008%2014:52:01:347
  11. thinkler

    Wrist pain - Help me design a routine that doesn't involve my right wrist

    Hey guys, Since about 2 weeks I have pain in my right wrist. I trained with the pain but right now I feel the pain won't go if I continue to train. However, like everybody on this site I'm addicted to the gym and can't imagine not training for 2 or 3 weeks. I'm doing full body routine 3x per...
  12. Deathmaggot

    rear delt pain

    i asked this time ago, and nobody gave me a solution, nor i would expect it now, but with all the new members, i would like to know if anyone else is suffering this, or just tips to avoid it the pain is in the rear delt just in the area which joins to the back, the pain comes mostly in...
  13. Hypocrisy86

    major pain in right arm

    i got this major bad pain in my right arm somewhere were the shoulder is i think it might've been created when i fucked up on the 80lb DB presses, my brother made me laugh so i kinda dropped them oddly, i guess i didn't notice the pain or something but it hurts, like a mother fo. and to make...
  14. Turkish1530

    Bodybuilding- The Road to Perfection (Overcoming the Pain)

    Another video from the infamous Zoknat :dancingcool: Bodybuilding - The Road to Perfection (Overcoming the pain)
  15. Tech

    Happy birthday Pain

    Our fearless leader turns 22 today. (at least I think it's today) :linedrunk:
  16. M

    House of Pain

    can someone tell me where to buy house of pain shirts a la branch warren? im from germany and i cant find a shop or anything like that where house of pain shirts are available...
  17. Arcane1129

    Upon meeting Pain...

    If you had to spend an hour with Pain (either where you live or Scotland, your pick), what would you do? Grab some food, do some training, fight him, just talk? Pick 3 things. -No sex, rape, or killing allowed <---I may add to this list :uhoh2: More members in the future :ughnoes: I would...
  18. The Creator

    The Creator's tales of pain

    I have decided to drop out of the competition this spring. Reason #1: I was offered a job as a lead actor in a pilot tv series and they would like me to stay large to fit the roll of this jock bully, and the financial stability to be gained is too much to resist. A ten hour round trip each...