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2016 jordan olympia amateur

  1. underbody

    2016 Jordan Olympia Amateur IFBB

    Here you will find some pics from the 2016 Jordan Olympia Amateur!
  2. nigster

    Ronnie Coleman - BFTO 1999

    Few videos I stumbled upon. The late 90's...
  3. dilatedmuscle

    Ronnie Coleman BFTO 2005

  4. tkD

    Victor Martinez BFTO 2006

    Man he looked great in these videos! kinda sucks that he's not competing at the Arnold this year, but maybe we'll see him at his best at the 2010 O. Go Victor! :headbang: K7R9tLoRCzM -Eg-0xabsrA h4E36BV7lKA
  5. Adam23

    BFTO 2009

  6. Natzo

    Nasser - BFTO 1996

  7. P

    dexter jackson, jay cutler and dennis wolf posing from bfto 2007

    this are clips from the DVD Battle fro the Olympia 2007. ENJOY!!! The Blade: uXMTCWMefug Jay "Cuts" Cutler: D4zX0vrfLCc The big bad wolf: uEECtK5LOiE
  8. Iceman1981

    Ronnie Coleman - 2003 BFTO DVD Pics

    Iceman is back, "light weight baby"
  9. Lionheart

    Kevin Levrone BFTO 2002

    Part 1 u5vO0auzkMM Part 2 Ly7s_FhUVDE&feature=related Part 3 VTGYTG87Hic&feature=related
  10. P

    No BFTO 2008 :sadface:

    If you've read the thread I posted in the main forum, you'll find out that Mits is closing his store down. This probably means there will be no Battle for The Olympia 2008 or any more in the future. Sad news for all BFTO fans.
  11. P

    Dorian Yates BFTO 1996

    Battle for the Olympia 1996, starring Dorian Yates. He's training chest, delts and triceps in this video. Old school ftw! and here is his routine at that year's Mr Olympia. The 1996 Mr Olympia:
  12. Arcane1129

    Ronnie Coleman BFTO 2004

    Sorry if it's a repost :tiphat: j4WweAR0S7Q C57ACezA88A Zy1itslgjC8
  13. Arcane1129

    Flex Wheeler BFTO 1997

    Here, Flex talks about his famous ninja-attempted carjacking. LYuQhFvSB6s
  14. eternal_evil_soul

    Flex wheeler 1999 bfto

    flex at his best doing dead lifts and sitting!
  15. P

    Ronnie Coleman BFTO 2003

    <object width="432" height="351"><param name="movie" value="http://www.megavideo.com/v/804VQNN0ee184a2198c74af8b6842ae6b559bbaf.5619585165.0"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.megavideo.com/v/804VQNN0ee184a2198c74af8b6842ae6b559bbaf.5619585165.0"...
  16. Adam23

    kevin levrone bfto 1996

    check out those shoulders !!! kevin is the man :xyxthumbs: part 1 <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
  17. Lionheart

    Kevin Levrone bfto 1998

    Benching some heavy-ass weights!! Part 1 lMaJZo0nqWo Part 2 EhmjwGQ20_Q&feature=related
  18. Iceman1981

    Dennis James - 2002 BFTO DVD Pics

    Good Ol' Dennis. Set 1
  19. Iceman1981

    Ronnie Coleman - 1999 BFTO DVD Pics

    After seeing this DVD. I have to say that Ronnie Coleman 99' has the best physique of all-time. Take a look at these pics. It's just insane.
  20. Iceman1981

    Bob Cicherillo 2002 BFTO Pics

    Bob looked pretty good.