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2016 npc battle on the bay

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    2016 NPC Battle on the Bay

    The 2016 NPC Battle on the Bay will be happening on July 9, 2016! The 2016 NPC Battle on the Bay will be in Corpus Christi, Texas at the American Bank Center!
  2. Joe Pietaro

    Race to the Post Office for MPD/WPD Qualification, 50 Deep!

    According to a video posted by Christian Duque of Strength Addicts (who said that he received the info directly from the horse's mouth, in this case Jim Manion and Bob Lorimer), there is new criteria in place for the 2016 Arnold Classic in Ohio as it pertains to MPD and WPD. Instead of the...
  3. tkD

    Arnold Schwarzenegger "I do the same exercises I did 50 years ago"

    http://wap.news.bigpond.com/articles/Entertainment/2012/08/15/Arnold_Schwarzenegger_stays_in_shape_783744.html Trailer/footage for Arnold and Sly's latest movies: The Expendables 2 and The Tomb.
  4. DeQu


    HEATH TO SKIP THE ARNOLD Will focus on Olympia only in 2011 December 13, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM Phil Heath has decided to skip major competitions before. But none of those decisions was tougher than his most recent: to sit out the 2011 Arnold Classic to focus solely on being his best ever at the...
  5. Aeugh

    Barbell Rows: Arnold or Dorian?

    Here's an exercise that has always confused me, but that is only because of two Mr. Olympias who recommend doing them in different ways. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends starting with your body parallel or even slightly lower and standing on a block so you can get a full stretch on the way...
  6. tkD

    Arnold Classic 1996 - Awards

    For me Flex was always > Levrone in shape, taper, proportions..etc, they both looked good at this contest, but imo Flex was better. more vids/routines from the 1996 Arnold:
  7. Natzo

    the best Arnold tribute

    :PORTUGAL::PORTUGAL::PORTUGAL: ps: the new smiley list is awesome. ahaha
  8. Lionheart

    160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

    This is awesome:rofl3: pDxn0Xfqkgw
  9. Big VIC

    Todd Jewell Shocks Shoulders at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio!

    Todd Jewell Shocks Shoulders at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio!
  10. tkD

    MD photoshoots after the 2010 Arnold Classic

    Kai Greene photoshoot
  11. dilatedmuscle

    Flex Wheeler ASC 2007 with Arnold Commentary

    Interesting to see arnold comment on someones physique since nowadays he just presents awards and congradulates people.
  12. tkD

    Ronny Rockel photoshoot 10 days after the 2010 Arnold Classic

    Ronny Rockel - Fotoshooting - there's a video of him also
  13. dilatedmuscle

    New Arnold Video

    Mini Documentary/ Interview/ motivational video. hvOUVil7W5s EDIT: just finished watching it... looks like he is getting in shape again :bitenails:
  14. tkD

    2010 Arnold Classic RESULTS!!

    Full Results 1. Kai Greene 2. Phil Heath 3. Branch Warren 4. Dexter Jackson 5. Toney Freeman 6. Ronny Rockel 7. Roelly Winklaar 8. Hidetada Yamagishi 9. Melvin Anthony 10.Rober Piotrkowicz 11.Tarek Elsetouhi 12.Johnnie Jackson 13.Sergey Shelestov Edit: the scorecard More info: Arnold...
  15. D

    Arnold Classic and Expo Pictures

    We added tons of Arnold Classic Pictures to our Facebook Page Hopre you Enjoy them http://www.facebook.com/alrindustries
  16. L

    Road to 2010 Arnold Classic Amateurs: Rita Bello(Argentina) a day of competition

    Ms Rita Bello to a day of racing after traveling 18 hours by plane, so it is going for his revenge ...
  17. Cork

    Arnold Bingo!!

    A couple of you are going, right? Let me know who wins!
  18. tkD

    Derek Poundstone: training for the 2010 Arnold Strongman

    Beast!! Ob5l152ZsZA
  19. tkD

    2010 Arnold Classic - Preview!! (top 8)

    A quick comparison, just for the hype of the Arnold Classic this year. This will be the top 4 in my opinion, in no particular order. Vote on!
  20. tkD

    Road to the Arnold Classic 2010!!

    Kai Greene - trains legs