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2016 npc-ifbb tournament of champions

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    2016 NPC-IFBB Tournament of Champions

    The 2016 NPC-IFBB Tournament of Champions is coming up! SATURDAY, December 3, 2016 San Diego, CA 2016 NPC-IFBB Tournament of Champions/National Qualifier/PRO MEN'S PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA QUALIFIER held in conjunction with the IFBB Pro Men's Physique Olympia Qualifier SATURDAY, December 3, 2016...
  2. TalkAdmin

    Can bodybuilding Save Your Life?

    50 year old bodybuilder, David Prescott was diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years ago. He had tumors in his liver and intestines! He was in the hospital and lost 27 lbs and half his liver was removed! he also had 57 staples holding his body together. He said bodybuilding is what gave him the...
  3. DeQu

    Kai Greene - Champion of Mind

    It´s Kai Greene - The Predator vid which has been removed from ytube + Zhasni has add some more material to it :) uZIpc0LeJg8
  4. Adam23

    Jay Cutler- Mind Storm (Training for 3rd Mr. O in September 2009)

    this is for the Jay Cutler fans :thumbsup2: v/yXP4cdQw1jk&hl
  5. Flex

    Kai Greene - Mind over matter: seeking Olympia gold

    http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2356/249/ According to Oscar, Kai's eyes are bloodshot from doing strip sets on squats his last leg day. Crazy.
  6. P

    Get out of my mind

    :bitenails: http://www.regiftable.com/regiftingrobinpopup.html
  7. M

    Is it only in my mind or are the Olympia coverages "dead" right now?

    I would ask You guys one question: Do you think that there are less coverages for Olympia contest than last years? I think, now, this year, for me it isn´t so interesting, so where is the problem? Is it the effect of financial crisis? Who knows maybe. I want Your opinions guys.
  8. D

    Dirty Mind

    What do you see? :bitenails:
  9. Flex

    Has McCain Lost His Mind? - Paul Begala (CNN)

    (CNN) -- John McCain needs what Kinky Friedman calls "a checkup from the neck up." In choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate he is not thinking "outside the box," as some have said. More like out of his mind. Palin a first-term governor of a state with more reindeer than...
  10. Big VIC

    Quincy Taylor Speaks His Mind After 2007 Eruopa

  11. mgballa4life

    self imposed jedi mind trick

    so according to this article u can in fact trick ur mind into believing something that isnt true. in terms of body building u can trick ur mind into thinking ur lifting a weight that u know u can easily lift when u are in fact lifting something a bit heavier. i think its pretty interesting. im...
  12. They See Me Trollin'

    Has Jay lost his mind?

    This guy is guest posing dressed like an angel now