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2017 npc usa championships

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    2017 NPC USA Championships

    Here are some results from the 2017 NPC USA Championship! NPC USA Women’s Physique and Bodybuilding results: 2017 NPC USA Championship Women’s Physique / Bodybuilding results Courtney Rheams was crowned the 2017 NPC USA Women’s Physique overall champion and Eva Montgomery was won the Women’s...
  2. tim290280

    December New MOTM: Vote Now

    The voting is open for the December New Member of the Month. Once again voting is based on members that have recently joined or have <250 posts, at the time of nomination, who have made a good contribution to the board. We have a special nomination for one member this month, he's been here...
  3. tim290280

    November New MOTM: Vote Now

    The New Member of the Month for November voting is now open. This award is to acknowledge the good contributions new posters have made to the forum (recently joined or low post count). Last month's winner was Anabolicus, who will it be this month?
  4. COACH

    How old is PHIL in this Pic? ..VOTE!

  5. COACH


  6. GetSize


    I just voted took all of 10 mins since there was a poll inside a house right on my block. Did anyone else vote? :xyxthumbs:
  7. COACH


  8. COACH

    Who is currently owner of the wow factor ? - vote !

    .. Who is now the owner of the WOW factor .. and next mr. Olympia ?
  9. El Freako

    The wasted right to vote

    (Inspired by the Canadian election thread) I don't get this system where you don't have to vote... Its like you're letting the government or at least the ruling party and their supporters control you because you can't be bothered to step up and have your say. I have rarely ever liked a...
  10. P


    Special V.I.P. vote in for the normal members that have reached over 1k posts. Good luck guys.
  11. Lionheart

    Queston about Photo vote!

    Photo vote is not working for me.The page doesnt open for me at all.Did you take it off or is it just a new denial for Respected members?:angrydude:
  12. P

    Special 1 day vote in thread

    Vote quickly as this poll is only open for 24 hours.
  13. D

    Cast Your Vote - My Posing Routine Song

    Hello Everybody:gaygay: hope all is well and going good, i am unsure on which posing routine song to pick from, i was going to use Creed - My sacrifice EDIT: also ill be doing Slow poses like Lee priest style But then i found afew other songs which i also like and now im stuck between...
  14. Tech

    Reason #457 why I'd never vote for McCain

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080629/ap_on_el_pr/mccain :jerkoff1:
  15. P

    Vote your favorite smiley

    EDIT: I forgot to make the votes public but we all know Cardu is going to vote for the gaygay smiley. :carduindisguise
  16. F

    Vote me as a Fantastic Father

    My wife decided to enter me in this contest for Fantastic Fathers in our area. Surprisingly I'm in fifth out of ninety something fathers. If ya wanna vote here's the website with an essay on why I should be voted as a Fantasic Father...
  17. P

    V.I.P. May Vote In!

    Thought I'd start the may vote in early. I'm also making the list shorter this time. Vote!
  18. lifterdead

    How many Ron Paul supporters would vote Libertarian?

    Just curious. A good friend of mine works for the Libertarian party. However, prior to Mcain winning the Republican primary he worked with Ron Paul's people in Chicago. Now he's back to working for the Libertarians, pushing Wayne Root for president. Since Ron's out of the run for president...
  19. P

    April V.I.P. vote in

    Time for another vote in. :2:
  20. P

    V.I.P. Vote in March 08

    Its that time again. Who deserves V.I.P. status? Doesn't matter how many posts that member has, aslong as you guys think they deserve it. Instead of me writing up a list of members, post your nominations here. Go to the member list and click "posts" then look through the members. :2: