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2017 vancouver pro

  1. KaiGold

    Bodybuilder Cara Roberts won the open provincial and masters (35-and-older) figure classes at the Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo fitness competition

    Outstanding job by Cara Roberts! This was from princegeorgecitizen.com By Ted Clarke Cara Roberts' 12-year-old son Holden is her biggest fan. So he's quick to come to her defence when he hears people speak in unflattering terms to describe her passion for the sport of bodybuilding...
  2. underbody

    2017 Vancouver Pro IFBB

    We are proud to announce the 2017 IFBB Vancouver Pro! The 2017 Vancouver Pro/AM and Expo will be taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre.
  3. Line

    15k - Line's NEW Top 100 Films of All Time

    More pretentious than ever this time. Watch this space as of tomorrow. I won't be doing fancy banners, but I will include a one-or-two (or possibly three!) sentence review with each entry. I also plan on, you know, actually finishing this effort. Here's the old list -- by the bye, my new...
  4. P

    The "Best" 21st Century Horror Films : 2000 - 2008

  5. Paulie

    My Top-10 Films Of 2008

    Mine. (U.S. Release Dates) 1. Funny Games 2. 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days 3. Wall-E 4. The Wrestler 5. Let The Right One In 6. Hunger 7. Rachel Getting Married 8. Happy-Go-Lucky 9. Bolt 10. Slumdog Millionaire Other top films. In order. The Dark Knight The Duchess Vicky Cristina Barcelona Red...
  6. Line

    Your 10 Favorite Films From Your DVD Collection

    Go! 8 1/2 2001: A Space Odyssey (Blu-ray) Andrei Rublev Citizen Kane Dogville Fanny and Alexander The Godfather (The Coppola Restoration) In the Mood for Love The Rules of the Game The Seventh Seal
  7. FuManChu

    FuManchu's Top 150 Greatest Films

    This is my Mecca once again! :keke: I thought i would return and post my choices for the 150 greatest films ever made. (No doubt this thread will be deleted, by non-believers). 150. The Phantom - (1996) 149. Christine - (1983) 148. Poseidon - (2006) 147. Rocky IV - (1985) 146. From Hell...
  8. Chesticles

    Full Details On New WWE Films Project Starring Ken Kennedy

    Oh joy :jerkoff1:
  9. Line

    Best or Favorite Films of 2007?

    I'm bored, here are mine. If you'd like any reasoning as to why they're good feel free to ask. NOTE: These films are labeled as being from 2007 by US Theatrical Releases.
  10. Line

    Line's Top 100 Films of All Time

    ...coming later today. And no, your favorite movies will probably not be on it. Deal. UPDATE: 100. Kicking and Screaming (1995) 99. Band of Outsiders (1964) 98. Eraserhead (1977) 97. Key Largo (1948) 96. His Girl Friday (1940) 95. Requiem for a Dream (1995) 94. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) 93...